EU-FAX-D, Europa-FAX-Award

The German Amateur Radio Club e.V. (DARC) has sponsored the FAX mode of operation with the Europe Fax Diploma (EU-FAX-D). It can be applied for by all licensed radio amateurs, all club stations and, upon appropriate conditions, also by receptionists.

1. The diploma is awarded for:
EU-FAX-D3   5 WAE countries and 10 prefixes
EU-FAX-D2 10 WAE countries and 20 prefixes
EU-FAX-D1 20 WAE countries and 40 prefixes

2. Every European country, no matter what the volume was worked on, may only be counted once. Each prefix of a European country counts one point per band.

3. The European countries are determined by the currently valid WAE country list. A prefix in the sense of this invitation to tender is the first part of every call sign issued by the licensing authority of the respective country.

4. FAX two-way links are counted on all FAX approved frequencies. The FAX operating mode must be entered on the QSL cards. QSL cards are valid from 01st January 1980.

5. FAX-QSO during the DARC FAX Contest can be used as acknowledgments when the logs of the stations concerned have been submitted. The confirmations can not be submitted before the contest results are published and must be requested within one year of the contest.

6. The fee for each diploma 7.00 EUR for the paper version including shipping.

7. Applications for the EU FAX-D with GCR list to:

Award Manager

Martin Köhler
Wideystr. 1b
59174 Kamen

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