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Repeater Use, Clubs, etc.


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Repeater Use, Clubs, etc.

Repeaters in Germany

Repeater maps of Germany can be found at: http://www.elschenbroich.com/, scroll down and look for "Releaisfunkstellen...." to find the maps.
There is also a database available at: http://relaislisten.darc.de/. This should be self-explanatory.

Further tips:

- Note that the bands in Germany are 144-146 MHz and 430-440 MHz.
- Make sure that your HT can transmit from 430-440 MHz before leaving, or else modify it first, for example from http://www.mods.dk/index.php
- Germany officially uses a 12.5 kHz channelization, so some repeaters may use these in lieu of 25 kHz channel spacing (but not many).
- 70 cm has a -7.6 MHz split in Germany, with the repeater outputs starting at 439.425 MHz and moving down.
- Many repeaters in Germany still require a 1750 Hz tone burst. Look at your HT's manual to see how to enable the 1750 Hz tone burst, since modern HT's can generate this tone.
- Some repeaters require CTCSS, use the repeater directory to find out the correct tone frequency.
- The APRS frequency is 144.800 MHz.


There are 1,050 local chapters of the DARC that are spread throughout Germany, and you may be able to find a local club meeting where you will be visiting.

Locate the club(s) by looking through the list at https://www.darc.de/der-club/allgemeines/#c35450 to find one near where you will be. Then call-up their web page to see when they are meeting, or else send an e-mail to the provided contact address. Let us know if you need any assistance, due to language issues or geographic questions.