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DXNL Translator

Oliver Bock



DX Newsletter (DXNL)

The DX Newsletter (aka DX-Mitteilungsblatt) is an important source of information for the active DXer. It is published on a weekly basis in German and English and keeps the reader up to date about current and planned DX activities.

For many years, the DARC sent out the DX Newsletter by snail mail, now it is available also via e-mail for every interested radio amateur world wide.

The DX Newsletter, in the past and now, is compiled and edited by volunteers.

Thanks to the following HAMs for their work:

Current team:

  • Klaus, DL7UXG       (editor)
  • Andreas, DK5ON    (IOTA/STA/WWFF/COTA news)
  • Oliver, DJ9AO          (translator)

Former team:

  • Fredy, DE0MST
  • Uwe, DL9GOA
  • Ric, DL2VFR
  • Friedrich, DL4BBH 
  • Rob, DL7VOA
  • Fabian, DJ1YFK
  • Helmut, DL7MAE 
  • Michael, DJ5AV

If you have any information to be published in the DX Newsletter please send it via e-mail to dxmb(at)dxhf.darc.de. Many thanks for your help!

The DXNL is Ham Spirit at it's best!

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