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Worked All Germany Contest


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Worked All Germany Contest

Worked-All-Germany Contest is a typical "Single-Country-to-DX" contest with a long lasting tradition and more than 2000 log submitting participants plus several thousand more active. So WAG generates about 10 000 individual hours of competetive or relaxed activity and fun. You can collect German DOK for several DARC awards, especially the DLD which is supported by the DARC Community Logbook. Our participants between 10 and 95 years of age report about the enjoyment of meeting a lot of old and new friends, going to unsual locations like qrp-expeditions to hilltops or sharing experience with rookies of all ages at Multi-Operator Stations.

Thank you all for participating in WAG 2016 :-)

Deadline for logs: 31st October 2016





WAG 2016 - first impressions

That was not to expect: Sun and ionosphere gave the best they could at this point of the solar cycle. It would not have been a surprise if 10m or 10m and 15m would have been deserts of noise. But they were open and thanks to participants from around the world German stations could hunt for DX and you possibly had quite a few Germand stations to hunt - with all kinds of DOKs. At least we heard a few very demanding DOKs from the receiving stations point of view... And here is what the MUF looked like on both afternoons.

MUF values early Sunday afternoon German time.

Glass half filled or half empty?

The condx were good compared to the time in the cycle but worse compared to record year 2015 which makes it more difficult for DX stations. Especially stations from North America suffered when looking at their 2015 logs in comparison. We can only say "thanks" for being there and we all now have to walk through the valley of the lowband nightshifts. What remained unchanged with whatever condx is that we DLs mostly need more attention to stations away from "main" directions. It is not only ZM4T repeating his complaint about DL-stations: "Some had S9 signals here and not even a “?” came back to my calls."
It is yet much too early for reporting scores and ranks. In the coming days participants will post scores and comments on the website 3830 which may give more impressions. From the incoming stories some sounds initially sad: KE3X wanted to operate from very big station N3HBX, but had to throw in the towel due to a series of tech attacks by Murphy with 77 QSOs from a setup good for more than 1000. But there's more than radio, reads his 3830 report: "I took my 10-year old son Connor to his hockey game and he scored two assists, so the weekend was not a total loss."

Snippet with some non-DL participants in the CW LP category from the livescores table

Especially some WRTC aspirants were among the first to break the 1000 QSO mark, some ops already early Sunday like CR6K, UA2F or IS0/OM2VL,LZ8E. Some more like LY4L, SK3W or HA9T are to be expected is this range, too, to mention only some. This year again more stations joined the fun with livescores posting their actual score online. But of course the 130 stations having logged in are only part of the game. We will present raw scores (unchecked) of all participants in early November, few days after deadline for log submission.

Usual disclaimer about our most mysterious multiplier: The letters in the DOKs stand for DARC districts (and Z for club VFDB), but there is no district J in DARC. Only by working clubstations which have special DOKs starting with J (mostly from youth departments, because J stands for "Jugend"=youth) you can bag the rare J multiplier.

Participation seems to be a bit down after record year 2016. At Monday evening we had received 1100 logs which is about ten percent less than the previous year. But log quality is up - we have very very few cases so far of logs needing serious repair :-)
We will keep you up to date with whats happening now as long as we collect logs and later start the logcheck after the deadline. For now: Many thanks and finally some first impressions sent by our participants on the many different online channels.

In the picture gallery: MultiOp Team DK0TU in Berlin (1); QTH of YL's contest workshop of DARC districts O and N (2); Tweet by DD0UL claiming winning chances after second QSO with antenna which may win title as smallest wire used in WAG (3); picture tweeted by DG2RON from our neighbours on the bands from scout's JOTA (4); more infecting of youth with radio at DK5TX (5); a few of contesters' most important gadgets at DL3DW (6); setup at YO7CKQ (7); relaxed Savas 9H1AE making 336 QSOs (8); operating DM6A during night on ship (9); SV1JG (10);
More pictures in the gallery of pics submitted by our participants.

One more from the Murphy department in the soapbox by OH5ZA: "The station is located in an industrial area, and this weekend there was a welding project on a boat at 30 m distance in the main lobe of the antenna. So 50% of the time there was an S7 electrical welding arc covering the weak signals."
And one more "tu" from the soapbox comments: ""Many Thanks for FY5KE and ZM4T, tnx for listening on QRP station" (DD0VS).


WAG - a big and lively prairie for you hunters

A contest like WAG is more than a competition and a big pool of activity to dive in for the fun of it. With much more than 1000 DL-stations on air from nearly as many DOKs it is also an endless prairie full of live for the award hunters. You may know the possibility to get your confirmed contest qsos credited automatically via the DCL (German Contest Logbook). It works for more than 20 awards from "classics" like DLD or WAE to regional awards, too.
But there is more to chase during WAG. DL stations' exchange is their DOK which is the base for a wealth of German awards of all difficulties. From the big list of the Diplom Interessen Gruppe a few appetizers. Upper row from left to right: Romantic [era not mood] Road Award  (stations from 18 different DOKs between Füssen und Würzburg in Southern Germany counting); Vulkaneifel Trophy (stations from nine K-DOKs counting towars the plaque with a vulcano stone); "Louise Trophäe" (a 465 gramm piece of coal from a former briquette plant, now technical museum); Bat-Award  (counting stations with M-DOKs) consisting of the diploma and as possible add-on a soft toy bat.
Lower row: Goethe Award (stations from former living places of poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to be detected by their DOKs); Berlin Diplom (twosided, requires stations from Berlin with D-DOKs or from DOK Z20). Hint: The booty will be bigger when you call CQ, too ;-)
Check here what can be collected and confirmed during WAG and with DARC's paperless confirmation system DCL.

Logging programs help with contestfree segments

Not reading our rules before operating or the "heat of the activity" may cause participants to tune into the segments defined as contestfree in the rules. To prevent such unwanted incidents your logging software can help. When using CAT you will be warned automatically using newer versions of UCXLog, DXLog, HAM Office, TR4W or SD. Win-Test allows this also with only a few clicks before the start (see here how easy to do). Other loggers may follow and will be mentioned then, too.
In the meantime WAG says "Thank you very much!" to the follwing helping: DL7UCX, 9A5K, ARCOMM, EI5DI, N4AF and DL6RAI. If your logger does not support this function simply download this tiny pdf-file with the contestfree segments and place it as small window on your operating screen like on the clickable picture on the right.

On WAG´s own behalf

After 50 years of DL1DTL managing WAG the task shifted 2013 to DL8MBS, together with DL1RTL. We hope that participants will not notice any difference in how things are handled. There will not be any changes in WAG rules this year. That means of course, too, that the contestfree segments as part of the rules remain in effect so that WAG and JOTA can coexist this weekend with as little interference as possible. So we invite all contesters to join the activity in WAG and hope to meet you in October. And now:


Annette Coenen, DL6SAK, member of DARC board, honours DL1DTL with the "Goldene Ehrennadel" of DARC.
The present from the WAG-team: A poster with greetings from contesters around the world