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Worked All Germany Contest


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WAG Manager

Christian Schneider
Windthorststr. 7
99096 Erfurt


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Facebook page started

Some op time statistics

Survey results published

At CTU Friedrichshafen: Experiences with SDR recordings presented

Webinar about WRTC and WAG now online

Added rules in Spanish (tnx Javier, EA1HEO)

Worked All Germany Contest

Worked-All-Germany Contest is a typical "Single-Country-to-DX" contest with a long lasting tradition and more than 1700 log submitting participants plus several thousand more active. So WAG generates about 10 000 individual hours of competetive or relaxed activity and fun. You can collect German DOK for several DARC awards, especially the DLD which is supported by the DARC Community Logbook. Our participants between 10 and 92 years of age report about the enjoyment of meeting a lot of old and new friends, going to unsual locations like qrp-expeditions to hilltops or sharing experience with rookies of all ages at Multi-Operator Stations.
As an international participant you will find outstanding activity with several thousand stations from Germany. If you are operating from a semi rare country like TK or EA8 you will certainly generate some pile-ups. So we hope you'll enjoy WAG.

             WAG 2016: 15th and 16th October (1500 to 1459 UTC)


Award check for collectors - what's to expect from WAG and DCL?

The high activity in WAG with more than 2000 German stations make this contest of course interesting for award hunters and collectors. Therefore we summarized on this page what you may expect from WAG for a number of important German awards - and how many contacts may be automatically and paperless confirmed by DARC's DCL which lets you also import regular QSOs and keeps your score for all those awards up to date.

Warning function now also for N1MM+ users

Thanks to Peter, DF1LX, there is now a program available for N1MM+ users that warns about contestfree segments in WAG. A short guide and links are here. Big TU to DF1LX!

How long do we operate?

Single operators outside of Germany operated for six hours on average in WAG 2015, German stations for 8,1 hours.The following graphs show the hourwise distribution in percent and the average op time per category. But you can go much further with our extended statistic file: It contains a lot of information per participant including op time (every period of more than 15 minutes without QSO defined as offtime). So you may calculate correlations between the number of multipliers on 80m and op time or - maybe interesting - between op time and score deduction.


Results of WAG Survey 2015

We asked, you answered. Many thanks to all replying to our online survey 2015. Now everyone can read how many don't need spots or CW-sending computer, use which kind of antenna setup, like to have their logs and UBN published or not - and a lot more derived from about 50 questions.

You'll find a comprehensive summary of some main findings on this site plus a number of files containing graphs about Q&As and freetext comments. Enjoy reading on this page...


SDR recordings - some experiences

2013 we started to record the WAG with SDRs. Primarily it was intended to have a better tool to check the contestfree segments. The recordings allow adequate decisions as there is a difference between one QSO, perhaps not having read the rules, and CQing for an hour and ignoring hints of being in the contestfree segments. Experience no.1: The announced use of SDRs seems to have reduced the number of intrusions in the contestfree segments, something luckily also felt by the participants of the worldwide Jamboree on the Air by scouts (JOTA), infecting especially youngsters with our hobby.

But the appetite comes with eating and so we used the recordings also for checking purposes. First experiences with this were presented at Contest University in June 2016 in Friedrichshafen. We therefore publish the slides now here, too. Short summary: SDR recordings allow much higher precision and a look into cases which cannot be judged by logs only, like operating with two signals simultaneously. SDR recordings didn't result in a lot of additional tickets - but saved a lot of QSOs that would be deleted by simply applying computer and software logic alone - from systematic transmitting errors up to "smurfs" operating seemingly erractic when only checked with logs.

Every advantage has a price: The time budget necessary to use SDR recordings is immense and protective for really systematic use. It allows spotlighting in an universe or an abyss at crucial points - but is NOT able to enlighten the whole landscape. And here are the slides in pdf format. Comments welcome.

"Vielen Dank!" - You made WAG 2015 a record event

Congratulations to:

4L8A, 9A3VM, CQ3L (Ops DF7ZS, DF1ZA), DL/OK2-31097, DK9PY, DL0PE (Op DL2CC), DL1A (Ops DD2ML, DJ2QV, DK7AH, DL2SAX), DL1IAO, DL3JAN, DL6IAK, P3F, SP7-003-24, UA7K and YT8A

category winners in WAG 2015 which had a record participation of 2186 stations submitting a log.
Link to the final results

The QTH of SV5/DL3DRN during WAG 2015

Just in time for WAG the bands served condx to the starving ops. Many seemd to have been waiting for an opportunity to finally operate again. So a number of stations never seen before in WAG filled the bands. Brief summary by W1UE: "Lots of activity! It kept me hopping up until the end!"


The friendly avalanche

40m Saturday evening German time as seen on one of our SDR - which serve mainly to check contestfree segments. Trend so far seems positive with again lower number of contesting intruders. A bit above 300 deleted QSO lines (=less than 200 2-way-contacts) could still be less but represent 0,05 percent of all contacts. So we hope scouts also enjoyed the well deserved better condx after their weeks and months long preparations for their Jamboree on the Air (click on pic for some impressions) to infect youth with the radio virus: Two neighbours making for a big ham radio weekend.

We noticed new records in participation: 2186 logs are also an alltime high (before it was 1927 in 2013) like the number of 102 DXCC from where we received logs (prior best was 84 in 2013). Most popular category outside Germany was CW low power with 365 participants while in Germany mixed low power ranked top with 453 stations. An avalanche of more than 624.000 QSOs approached our checking software. So at the end we could check more than 88 percent of all QSOs via the log of the other station.

We still had too many problematic logs - incomplete, extremely individual times and a big set of tricky ways to distort them...
How is the logcheck done?

"Oskar Hotel Null Xray" - Kim OH6KZP making good use of German once learned at school. (Pictures: OH2PM/OH2TA)

WRTC-qualification in effect

Some part of the activity based on WAG being a qualifier for the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) hosted 2018 in Germany. One could notice a lot of SO2R operation going on. While many SO2R ops work complete contacts on one band and in that time pause on the other band, some even demonstrated the full potential of SO2R with interleaving single transmitting sequences of a QSO. Most impressive case noticed by us was an op adding a 90 second short ragchew on 40m phone to a contest QSO - while making three CW QSOs on 80m in that time - all with always only one signal on the air. Transmitting has to be quick: 2 seconds for dropping one's own call and 4 seconds for sending "r 599 1234".

Epic - not resistive...

Not only more or less chaotic events during SO2R contacts flooded our check software. 15.000 activity hours follow Murphy's law and generate a lot of hair rising, tragic and amusing instances. Tragic is too often caused by the unbroken faith in spots and DOK-"databases". One German station used a special DOK - differing from the one noted in most "databases". About a third of their QSO partners faithfully logged what the software proposed and prefilled, instead of what was tranmitted, CX2BR morphed into 3B9FR from whom he inherited his CQ-frequency and so on. And isn't it too understandible that one of us tech guys logged a difficult Greek call as SX8OHM? Bad luck that it did not deal with tech but ancient literature signing in reality as SX8HOMER - from one of the possible birthplaces of the author of Ilias and Odyssee.

The 001-groundhog...

It can be woken up only by German stations. Its origin is the rule allowing them to work non-participants that send no serial numbers. The German station then is reuqired to simply insert 000 as "received" report. But the hunger for a "real" serial seems to be insatiable. So too many German stations started elaborate talks to snatch a serial from their clueless counterparts - resulting in one foreign station appearing with six (!) times sent 001. Starting from 0 again and again should be reserved exclusively to "Groundhog Day", sholdn't it? Needless to say that some negotiations took much longer than a QSO...

120 kilo aluminium powering the five Watt RF of DL6IAK at university station of DHBW in Karlsruhe.

Only 8 of 18 records (DL, EU, DX) withstood. Hardest hit was Low Power mixed outside of Germany which saw a lot of international contesting topguns because of the WRTC valueing scheme. Foreign category winners had a reliable to big margin to their runners up - much different to two German competitons: The MultiOp and the Mixed low power category developed literally into ties while logcheck progressed. At one point MultiOps DP9A (defending champion) and DL1A with their more than 2000 QSOs were separated by the value of a 3 point EU-QSO and single ops DF1MM and DL0PE had a difference netting to less than one 1 point DL contact. It took more than a week of additional detail investigation to eliminate nearly all remaining tolerances to come to a reliable result. At the end DL1A won. In the single op category Frank at DL0PE defended a margin equal to one multiplier or seven QSOs to Yuri, DF1MM.

The /p-QTH of UA1CEG in the woods with delta loop and 3 watt homemade rig.

Bagging the rare J for fullhouse

DL0PE, DL0PPP und DK0JRS provided it - the rarest multiplier in WAG: With no district J it can be gained only by special DOKs starting with J. So those three stations offered the only chance to reach fullhouse - all possible 130 multipliers - which 14 stations achieved.
It is no official category but somewhat prestigous: Who made the most QSOs without any error, having the best "Golden Log"? In 2015 this unofficial title amongst 188 stations without deduction goes to Bale, Z35Y, with 341 CW QSOs followed by CW ops LZ1DNY (314) and IK0HBN (303). The best "Golden Log" in Germany is noted for Hans-Jürgen, DL2ROM, with 288 errorfree contacts, also all in CW.
Otherwise the logcheck robbed participants of 8,7 percent their intial score. The 120 participants in the topten ranks knew how to minimize losses as they escaped with 3,1 percent (2,6% outside DL and 3,6% the hosts).

727 participants answered our survey in English, Russian and German. The results can be read here.
Numbers, numbers and even more numbers are available on our statistics page. We especially recommend our extended statistic file with the bandwise QSOs and multipliers for all participants (without checklogs) plus SSB/-CW-distribution, distance in percent to next better ranking participant in the category and individual op-times. It is an xls-File, so you can play around a bit and build even "categories" of your choice or bandwise results.

Questions please to wag-info(at)dxhf.darc.de

A big "Thank you" - to teammates Heiko, DL1RTL, and Klaus, DL1DTL, for yet another hour of checking; to Arno, DL1CW, and Axel, DL6KVA, for a first year on board WAG; to Franta, DJ0ZY, for still another build and help in fighting with and against software; and "Thank you" to DC1SK, DK2AB, DL4AMM, DL5ALW, DL9GCG und DM9KT for sending out much more than 1000 mails to ask for not yet submitted logs.

The final big "Thank you!" goes to all of you - operating in WAG 2015 even if you were too close or too far for top ranks or for exploiting all bands. All of you are the contest which only lives by your QSOs, regardless how many. We hope you have enjoyed your time and we hope to meet you again in WAG 2016!

Vy 73, Chris DL8MBS
WAG Contestmanager

WAG - a big and lively prairie for you hunters

A contest like WAG is more than a competition and a big pool of activity to dive in for the fun of it. With much more than 1000 DL-stations on air from nearly as many DOKs it is also an endless prairie full of live for the award hunters. You may know the possibility to get your confirmed contest qsos credited automatically via the DCL (German Contest Logbook). It works for more than 20 awards from "classics" like DLD or WAE to regional awards, too.
But there is more to chase during WAG. DL stations' exchange is their DOK which is the base for a wealth of German awards of all difficulties. From the big list of the Diplom Interessen Gruppe a few appetizers. Upper row from left to right: Romantic [era not mood] Road Award  (stations from 18 different DOKs between Füssen und Würzburg in Southern Germany counting); Vulkaneifel Trophy (stations from nine K-DOKs counting towars the plaque with a vulcano stone); "Louise Trophäe" (a 465 gramm piece of coal from a former briquette plant, now technical museum); Bat-Award  (counting stations with M-DOKs) consisting of the diploma and as possible add-on a soft toy bat.
Lower row: Goethe Award (stations from former living places of poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to be detected by their DOKs); Berlin Diplom (twosided, requires stations from Berlin with D-DOKs or from DOK Z20).

Hint: The booty will be bigger when you call CQ, too ;-)

Webinar about WRTC and WAG now online

The webinar about WRTC and WAG on 4th October is now online in the archive of hosting WWROF (tnx and especially to Ken, K4ZW). The WAG part begins at about 23:00 of the presentation linked here.

Logging programs help with contestfree segments

Not reading our rules before operating or the "heat of the activity" may cause participants to tune into the segments defined as contestfree in the rules. To prevent such unwanted incidents your logging software can help. When using CAT you will be warned automatically using newer versions of UCXLog, DXLog, HAM Office, TR4W or SD. Win-Test allows this also with only a few clicks before the start (see here how easy to do). Other loggers may follow and will be mentioned then, too.
In the meantime WAG says "Thank you very much!" to the follwing helping: DL7UCX, 9A5K, ARCOMM, EI5DI, N4AF and DL6RAI. If your logger does not support this function simply download this tiny pdf-file with the contestfree segments and place it as small window on your operating screen like on the clickable picture on the right.

On WAG´s own behalf

After 50 years of DL1DTL managing WAG the task shifted 2013 to DL8MBS, together with DL1RTL. We hope that participants will not notice any difference in how things are handled. There will not be any changes in WAG rules this year. That means of course, too, that the contestfree segments as part of the rules remain in effect so that WAG and JOTA can coexist this weekend with as little interference as possible. So we invite all contesters to join the activity in WAG and hope to meet you in October. And now:


Annette Coenen, DL6SAK, member of DARC board, honours DL1DTL with the "Goldene Ehrennadel" of DARC.
The present from the WAG-team: A poster with greetings from contesters around the world