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Submitted and yet unchecked raw scores published (4th Nov.)

Entry for logs closed after 2173 received from 102 DXCC - both new big record numbers.

Webinar about WRTC and WAG now online

Added rules in Spanish (tnx Javier, EA1HEO)

Ufb web tool for learning numbers and more in German by listening via mouseover.

Webinar about WRTC&WAG 4th October 19 UT.

Reminder sent to NOT delete dupes.

Audio added "WAG in 77 seconds" - to be listened with a smile.

At Hamradio and CTU again many questions about logcheck. Here our infos how it is done: http://www.darc.de/de/referate/dx/contest/wag/service/logcheck/

Booklet with results of WAEDCs and WAG 2014 is online (tnx Oli, DJ9AO). http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/contest/waedc/archiv/resultate/ (warning: this site can be an abyss)

Want to calculate a "category" 80m singleband,SSB,<12h active in WAG? Play with our extended statistic until dawn ;-) http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/contest/wag/en/newsarchives/op-times/

Contestfree segments, what for? Therefore :-) http://www.world-jotajoti.info/2014highlights/ JOTA-JOTI with mni young ops and welcome risk of hamradio infection ;-)

Sharpened software for logcheck (tnx Franta, DJ0ZY) now on the testing range. Behaves nicely so far :-)

Worked All Germany Contest

Worked-All-Germany Contest is a typical "Single-Country-to-DX" contest with a long lasting tradition and more than 1700 log submitting participants plus several thousand more active. So WAG generates about 10 000 individual hours of competetive or relaxed activity and fun. You can collect German DOK for several DARC awards, especially the DLD which is supported by the DARC Community Logbook. Our participants between 10 and 92 years of age report about the enjoyment of meeting a lot of old and new friends, going to unsual locations like qrp-expeditions to hilltops or sharing experience with rookies of all ages at Multi-Operator Stations.
As an international participant you will find outstanding activity with several thousand stations from Germany. If you are operating from a semi rare country like TK or EA8 you will certainly generate some pile-ups. So we hope you'll enjoy WAG.


Submitted scores of WAG 2015 are out

This way to the raw scores

Please check whether you are grouped in the correct category or whether the score differs too much from what your software has calculated. The published so called raw scores base on your logs without any crosscheck applied (only minus dupes and QSOs outside the contest time) but are calculated on an even basis here, which may differ from the claimed scores in the individual logs. That should rarely be the case as you have only stations from one country in the log with each having the same point value. Please inform us if you think something is wrong.
And now on with the updated contest report:

WAG 2015: 10 m like a princess, THE multiplier and record participation

Isn't 10 m like a princess? For weeks she gave us the cold shoulder - only to give a big party with smiling faces in WAG :-)

The MUF-map of Saturday afternoon with numbers one had nearly forgotten.

At the end of the first hour several US-stations had already more than 100 QSOs in their logs and could keep up high rate nearly until 40 m woke up. DK0TU from Berlin reported US-QSOs on 10m even at local sunset. But the princess paid the prize for the party: Sunday started slow on the highbands with 10 m showing life only around noon in Germany. But then again there was life even on "the day after".
All in all over 24 hours and five bands the initial reports of participants sound like from hikers being happy to go out on the first dry and only cloudy day after weeks of rain.

That was a recordbreaking year :-)

The number of submitted logs sprang to 2173 while the highest number so far has been 1927 in 2013. Also we reached "DXCC" with logs submitters for the first time: Logs came in from 102 entities, a big increase compared to the now former record of 84 DXCC in 2013.
Even if the average number of QSOs per log with 289 did not reach the value of 300 from 2013 our logchecking software will have to deal with never before encountered more than 625.000 log lines. Direct check with the the log of the corresponding station in the QSO will be possible for 86 percent.

Martin, DL4NAC, at KC1XX station

One of the first if not the first non-DL station to cross the 1000 QSO mark was Martin, DL4NAC as /W1 from KC1XX while in Europe Braco, E7DX, had an early four digit number on the live scoreboard - even if he complained about terriffic distraction in an effort to do SO3R. Close were also CQ3L, OH0X (Kim,OH6KZP, making good use of his school German), RJ4P and several others.

Guest will take away record from host

One nice episode from German top ops: WRTC bronzemedalist Stefan, DL1IAO, guestoperated from the QTH of his WRTC partner Manfred, DJ5MW. The guest claimed a would be new German WAG record - acutal record holder is his host DJ5MW...
All in all 10 of the 18 records are endangered with 34 stations delivering raw scores higher than the existing records in their respective ares (we have records based on DL, EU, DX, so there are more records than categories). The most noticable congestion of biggun activity was Mixed Low Power from DX: 10 stations so far score higher than the preivious record. It was again a good year for DX compared to EU, not only reflected in record scores.

DO9DCW (16 years), one of four ops of the youth group at DARC club H20 (Peine) using WAG for on air training activity at DL0"triple Papa". They handed out the valuable DOK "JUPE". The team made 294 QSOs initially starting in S&P but then daring CQs, too.

If you were too close to Germany, the big activity on the highbands skipping over your head could not be fully taken up on the low bands - even if one scratched out all available multipliers which Lars, LX/DF1LON did, managing the 130 mult full house from close in distance.

Full house was in the cards again

Luckily for our guests it was active - the most difficult multiplier in WAG: DL0PE (Op DL2CC), DL0PPP from Peine in Lower Saxony were activated by brave ops and caused pileups with handing out DOK JUPE which represents the extremely rare J-multiplier only available via one of this special DOKs starting with J. Bad luck for W1UE with that one while searching it: "Didn't realize that "JUPE" was the phantom multiplier; I thought it was "DUPE"." Günter, DL5YYM, also added a few dozen additional QSOs as DK0JRS with special DOK JR.
In theory a "fullhouse" of all 130 multipliers therefore is possible. Last year only two stations managed this. So far 15 ops claim "fullhouse", one of them being OK7M (Op OK1DIG) - and he lives only 60 kilometer from the nearest edge of the German-Czech border - quite an achievement which will now be challenged by our "legal robbery", camouflaged as logcheck ;-)
First pre-checks again indicate two major sources of errors: a) Copying CW stations from Lower Saxony and b) believing databases. Lower Saxony delivers DOKs with H... "Databases" of more or less credible origin deliver the basic DOK of a German station. If that station chooses to operate with a spiecial DOK like 50X06 instaed of the basic X06 his QSOs can result in more errors in corresponding logs than in multipliers ;-)

YU1ACR: Training activity during WAG

Thank you all for this outstanding activity

WAG 2015 seems to have been blessed with an outstanding activity not yet fully analyzed in all respects. Not only the wealth of DX stations made it great for German ops, but we also have the impression taht there was a reasonable to very good activity from WAG's hosting country. Quite a few reports from oversaes reflect surprise to enjoyment there there always turned up another, DA, DB, DC DD,DF, DG ...
We are happy that WAG also fostered a lot of different activities from going to expeditons, portable or training activities like the one of club YU1ACR. With a group of some rookies from their radio course they took a multiband vertical and went on a hill near their town Zajecar to test operating from there with an additional 20m dipole. The youngest operator was 10 years old and one is 11 years old. Also good to see the rise again in SWL participation. We ask all SWLs to spread the word that WAG wants to stick to this much underestimated category and hopes for further growing participation.

Tough time for your logs now

With this 623.822 QSOs in the database we don't promise to publish out final results in the next weeks ;-)  We hope to present them as usual around the end of the year. There are some very close races with e.g. second place CW, LP being somewhat a tie at the moment between UT5EO and UA6CC. We are going to apply quite a lot of gadgets on your logs. Once they arrived at our open doors they were welcomed, but now the doors have closed behind them ;-)

WE did not send this troops of Mr. Murphy

This report will be updated continuosly. In the meantime everyone may enjoy reading the reports and comments be it in our soapbox or at the 3830-site or elsewhere. Even from the first reports it is clear that Murphy didn't miss the contest, e.g. at K5YAA: "No equipment problems except for the 15 minutes that Windows 8 decided it would UPDATE my PC and took control from my grasp. DJ9OY is still probably wondering where in the heck I went. Sorry I had no way to respond and of course 15 minutes later when the machine decided it would give me control again you were long gone...". Sigh.
Even worse UA2FB/UA2F: "9 hrs w/o el. power :("
The report about the 2014 WAG can be found here.



YU1ACR - portable training activity with rookies in course


L77D (Angel) with Mate

DK0FRI - gerade mit Op DJ7MH

DH9DX/portable - brave


Operating in WAG at age 11.

Rig's guards at EI6DX


2x2 El. for 40m at DP6T





For now: We want to say "Thank you" for all attending the party giving us Germans the so rare feeling of being sought after, like DL2SBA commented: "Many years since I last participated in this great contest. It was really a pleasure to hear the world calling DL stations."
Hopefully also all of you had a lot of hours with fun and/or excitement. Says W1UE: "Lots of activity! It kept me hopping up until the end!"
If there are any questions please contact us at

WAG - a big and lively prairie for you hunters

A contest like WAG is more than a competition and a big pool of activity to dive in for the fun of it. With much more than 1000 DL-stations on air from nearly as many DOKs it is also an endless prairie full of live for the award hunters. You may know the possibility to get your confirmed contest qsos credited automatically via the DCL (German Contest Logbook). It works for more than 20 awards from "classics" like DLD or WAE to regional awards, too.
But there is more to chase during WAG. DL stations' exchange is their DOK which is the base for a wealth of German awards of all difficulties. From the big list of the Diplom Interessen Gruppe a few appetizers. Upper row from left to right: Romantic [era not mood] Road Award  (stations from 18 different DOKs between Füssen und Würzburg in Southern Germany counting); Vulkaneifel Trophy (stations from nine K-DOKs counting towars the plaque with a vulcano stone); "Louise Trophäe" (a 465 gramm piece of coal from a former briquette plant, now technical museum); Bat-Award  (counting stations with M-DOKs) consisting of the diploma and as possible add-on a soft toy bat.
Lower row: Goethe Award (stations from former living places of poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to be detected by their DOKs); Berlin Diplom (twosided, requires stations from Berlin with D-DOKs or from DOK Z20).

Hint: The booty will be bigger when you call CQ, too ;-)

Webinar about WRTC and WAG now online

The webinar about WRTC and WAG on 4th October is now online in the archive of hosting WWROF (tnx and especially to Ken, K4ZW). The WAG part starts at about 23:00 of the presentation linked here.

Logging programs help with contestfree segments

Not reading our rules before operating or the "heat of the activity" may cause participants to tune into the segments defined as contestfree in the rules. To prevent such unwanted incidents your logging software can help. When using CAT you will be warned automatically using newer versions of UCXLog, DXLog, HAM Office, TR4W or SD. Win-Test allows this also with only a few clicks before the start (see here how easy to do). Other loggers may follow and will be mentioned then, too.
In the meantime WAG says "Thank you very much!" to the follwing helping: DL7UCX, 9A5K, ARCOMM, EI5DI, N4AF and DL6RAI. If your logger does not support this function simply download this tiny pdf-file with the contestfree segments and place it as small window on your operating screen like on the clickable picture on the right.

On WAG´s own behalf

After 50 years of DL1DTL managing WAG the task shifted 2013 to DL8MBS, together with DL1RTL. We hope that participants will not notice any difference in how things are handled. There will not be any changes in WAG rules this year. That means of course, too, that the contestfree segments as part of the rules remain in effect so that WAG and JOTA can coexist this weekend with as little interference as possible. So we invite all contesters to join the activity in WAG and hope to meet you in October. And now:


Annette Coenen, DL6SAK, member of DARC board, honours DL1DTL with the "Goldene Ehrennadel" of DARC.
The present from the WAG-team: A poster with greetings from contesters around the world