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Worked All Germany Contest

The Worked-All-Germany Contest is a typical "Single-Country-to-DX" contest with a long lasting tradition and now more than 1900 log submitting participants plus several thousand more being active. So WAG generates more than 15 000 individual hours of competetive or relaxed activity and fun in our hobby. There are at least three reasons to enter the WAG:
- Test your equipment for the upcoming CQWW which is usually in the week after WAG.
- Investigate the conditions to central Europe, generally similar to the condx during CQWW.
- Collect German DOK for several DARC awards, especially the DLD which is supported by the DARC Contest Logbook.

Our participants between 10 and 92 years of age report about the enjoyment of meeting a lot of old and new friends, going to unsual locations like qrp-expeditions to hilltops or sharing experiences of rigs, antennas, software and operating with rookies of all ages at Multi-Operator Stations. Besides a special Rookie category in WAG contest DARC also hosts a training contest for newcomers in the hours before WAG.

                                             Date 2014: 18th and 19th October

Booklet WAG & WAEDC available

The joint booklet of WAG and WAEDC for the contests 2013 is available. It contains results, statistics, soapbox comments and the rules for 2014 (Tnx to Oli, DJ9AO). The pdf-file is here.

Rules - update May 2014

Effective of May 2014 are General rules for all DARC HF contests including WAG. Some points of special interest: No selfspotting or non-hamradio means of arranging qsos etc. allowed and new "Yellow Cards" which include penalties of subtracting 2 or 5 or 10 percent of the final score. WAG rules themselves had some minor editorial clarifications and for SWLs tougher new rules how often corresponding stations of DL-stations may be logged.

For award hunters: WAG QSOs are available in online database

473 000 QSOS in WAG are now stored in DARC Contest Logbook (DCL) and therefore valid for all supported awards even without paper QSL It contains all contacts of DARC contests - some 75 million at the moment. It allows to claim "classics" like DLD or WAE but also regional awards or the most recent jubilee award for 60 years of DARC newsletter "DXMB. Find your way to DCL here. To create an account click "Neuanmeldung/Passwort" for easy application.

WAG 2013 - the overview

Congratulations to the winners 2013: LY3B, LZ8E, R7MM, CQ3L, RW4WA, team RN3F (with RA3AV, RK3AW, RK3FM, RW3F, RX3F und RZ9SZ) and OK1-11861 and in Germany to DL3DTH, DL5AXX, DL2RMC (at DK0AN), DK8ZB, DL3KVR, team DP9A (with DJ6TF, DJ7TO, DK4WA, DL1RTL, DL5YYM, DL8UAT and DM6DX) and DE3RHN. In defending their 2012 titles succeded LZ8E, R7MM, RN3F and DL3DTH, DL2RMC, DP9A. They now can try to do the "hattrick" in 2014.
Of course with this ufb condx on 15 and 10m a top score required a suitable skip distance to Germany to exploit this bands. But nevertheless i.e. LY3B in CW LP overcame his somewhat too close 1100 km to the center of DL with very high numbers on the lower three bands thus outnumbering RT3T who has twice the distance to DL and fell behind especially on 40 and 80m. The complete result list.
The ufb condx were not healthy for existing records. Eight of the 18 grouped by DL, EU and DX didn´t resist. Overview of the new and old recordsWorked All Germany Contest: Rekorde / Records.

QTH of CQ3L securing Op DF7ZS a clear victory in Mixed HP.

But despite all this big scores WAG 2013 was not a pure biggun battle: 11 non-DL lowpower stations and one station in the QRP-category managed more than 750 QSOs, 32 German lowpower stations crossed the 1000 barrier. With this high numbers (in average every log contained 301 QSOs) only in very few cases the precision of the logchecking instruments was tested to their limits: Only two QSOs separated UA1ANA and SV1ENG between ranks 9 and 10. In Germany DJ1AA on rank 8 led by the value of only a single multiplier to DK7AN. The difference of one bandchange mistake with deductions decided between Multi-Op stations DD1A and DL0GL about making it into the TopTen.

Participants were robbed of 7,5 percent

The "legal robbery" during the logchecking process reduced scores in average by 7,5 percent (7,7% in 2012). It caused even in the TopTen ranks (with an average deduction of 3,2%) some rank changes and decided i.e. the silver rank in low power CW in favour of RT3T against UR7MZ whose claimed scores had been absolutely equal in QSO number and multipliers.
Completely unshorn remained about 180 participants with 12 of them having more than 200 QSOs. Leading this top group of "Golden Logs" was Mike, UR4IZ, with 324 errorfree logged QSOs and DL4MHA with 301 - congrats!

The 3 el. quad for 40m at DF0HQ where DL9EE activated the call DK0DX.

The new record in participation with 1927 logs (plus 22 percent compared to the recent record years of 2011 and 2012) from 83 DXCC resulted in nearly 577 000 log lines to check. The favourite categories were CW LP (371 logs) and mixed LP (257) while in Germany mixed LP led with 395 to CW LP (211 logs). More than only a bit of disappointment caused the lower quality of logs with a higher number of initially unusable logs - be it missing serials, fantasy categories or bad formatting of all kinds.
Directly crosschecking logline against logline covered 80 percent while indirect checks of lesser depth raised the percentage to 99. Additionally we used online logs, call databases and mails.

A first for SDR recordings in WAG

Fot the first time we cold use wideband recordings to improve checking quality (many thanks to Heiko, DL1RTL, for the setup and taming the 560 GB). They allowed to control whether participants stuck to the contestfree segments. We are satisfied that only a very low number of cases happened. A handful of stations suffered deduction penalties. They also received warning messages that such runs of about 15 minutes will have more serious consequences in 2014 when happening again.

Other than some were afraid of these SDR-checks not only increased the number of "tickets", but saved a lot of QSOs which otherwise would have been obvious cases for deletion. So some non-DL-stations will get credit for QSOs with DL-stations which could now be heard really having sent serial numbers instead of DOKs, or DL-stations retained QSOs with foreign "unique" stations sending erratic numbers like 121 shortly after the start of the contest or a DX-station suddenly handing out a 792 while sending no numbers before and afterwards. A pure electronic check would decide for either complete deletion or complete retaining of QSOs with such erratic exchanges depending on the choosen software criteria.

Evening on 40m CW in Europe during WAG 2013

However the SDR recordings revealed a few unpleasant cases which would have been undetected in recent years. DL8QS was disqualified for several periods using two signals simultaneously. Second placed MultiOp station DL1A received a formal disapproval by DARC contest committee and WAG for intentionally and systematically deleting some qsos which would have resulted in deductions for violation of the 10 minute band change rule. Additionally the QSOs were restored for the sake of the other stations in the QSOs.

How to mix modes at best in mixed?

Deciding how much CW and how much SSB create the perfect mix in mixed category is one of the more difficult things before and during the contest. To give you some hints we looked how the TopTen stations did it. But - it will not ease the decision because seemingly everything works: ER3CT had 100 percent SSB outnumbering RA3Y by only a tiny margin who made 100 percent of his contacts in CW. Most winners have more CW than SSB - but only most: DF7ZS operating as CQ3L made for his clear victory in the HP category only 29 CW contacts. The band by band breakdown of QSOs with mode percentages and some more figures can be found for reading in pdf here and for own deeper calculations as excel file here.

You will learn about more infos, numbers and news to come about WAG most quickly when you follow us on twitter (link on the right - using it as a simple weblink you need no twitter account to read our newsfeed whenever you want). Already active is the download menue to get your certificate (for checklogs, too), see link "Certificates" in the menue on the left side.

Now many thanks to Heiko, DL1RTL, and Klaus, DL1DTL, carrying away so much of the workload - and to all participants for their activity.

"Cu in WAG 2014!"

Chris (DL8MBS), WAG Contestmanager


Perspective for WAG 2014? The operating position of DL8PA on Mallorca Island.

Impressions of a weekend with ufb condx

"It was fantastic condition!", wrote JA9CCG in in his soapbox comment und fellow countryman JP7DHE reported his very first EU-qso during WAG. The fabulous condx allowed for a new record level of activity: Already a week before the log deadline on 4th November we have an alltime high number of 1711 submitted logs from about 80 DXCC so far.
The condx even tempted some patients to move to their radios. "Due to flu only 706 QSOs, nevertheless much fun in WAG" (DK3YD) or "38.5 deg. feaver and head feeling swallowed - therefore only about 8h activity with dipole" (DK5DC), notwithstanding what the doctors of both would call "only"...

The now known age range of participants reaches from seven year old Lennart with training call DN6MRM (picture on the right; father DL5XL may be known to many also as DP1POL) and 29 QSOs up to Franz, DL2AXM (92), who squeezed out nearly 200 QSOs from his indoor mag loop in his 35th WAG.

We like to thank all stations from countries who are not regular every year-guests in WAG like FG8NY, 4U1ITU, OX5T, V31MA, JT1BV or V3A to name only a few. Biggun stations from Germany again reported a big number of qsos with received serial numbers of only 001 - still a bit puzzling that condx like this do not motivate to work more than only one station in the contest with a log of well equipped stations active from DL. Especially smallguns and qrp stations could make much use of such condx and good systems on the other end.
It is not yet known whether the rarest DL-multiplier was active: It is letter J, as there is no DARC-district with J but only a few special DOKs starting with J. In the submitted logs there is so far not one station with a J-DOK - but that does not mean they were absent. Definitively active were again a number of other special DOKs which really test the copying ability of the receiving station with unexpected combinations like IGS13 or 1813L (commemorating the big battle near Leipzig in 1813 when the allied troops of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden defeated those of Napolen Bonaparte).

спасибо! Big activity from Russia - Saxony leads amongst DL-districts

With 145 participants European Russia again took the lead amongst the DXCC-countries. Second ranked the USA with 107 followed by Ukraine (72 logs). Here the list of those 39 countries with at least five logs submitted. In Germany the most active district was Saxony with 86 logs and nearly 33 000 QSOs. Most difficult multipliers are Saarland (district Q) and Schwaben (district T) with each ten logs and 2800 resp. 2400 QSOs.

WAG - a big and lively prairie for you hunters

A contest like WAG is more than a competition and a big pool of activity to dive in for the fun of it. With much more than 1000 DL-stations on air from nearly as many DOKs it is also an endless prairie full of live for the award hunters. You may know the possibility to get your confirmed contest qsos credited automatically via the DCL (German Contest Logbook). It works for more than 20 awards from "classics" like DLD or WAE to regional awards, too.
But there is more to chase during WAG. DL stations' exchange is their DOK which is the base for a wealth of German awards of all difficulties. From the big list of the Diplom Interessen Gruppe a few appetizers. Upper row from left to right: Romantic [era not mood] Road Award  (stations from 18 different DOKs between Füssen und Würzburg in Southern Germany counting); Vulkaneifel Trophy (stations from nine K-DOKs counting towars the plaque with a vulcano stone); "Louise Trophäe" (a 465 gramm piece of coal from a former briquette plant, now technical museum); Bat-Award  (counting stations with M-DOKs) consisting of the diploma and as possible add-on a soft toy bat.
Lower row: Goethe Award (stations from former living places of poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to be detected by their DOKs); Berlin Diplom (twosided, requires stations from Berlin with D-DOKs or from DOKs Z20).

Hint: The booty will be bigger when you call CQ, too ;-)

On WAG´s own behalf

After 50 years of DL1DTL managing WAG the task shifted 2013 to DL8MBS, together with DL1RTL. We hope that participants will not notice any difference in how things are handled. There will not be any changes in WAG rules this year. That means of course, too, that the contestfree segments as part of the rules remain in effect so that WAG and JOTA can coexist this weekend with as little interference as possible. So we invite all contesters to join the activity in WAG and hope to meet you in October. And now:


Annette Coenen, DL6SAK, member of DARC board, honours DL1DTL with the "Goldene Ehrennadel" of DARC.
The present from the WAG-team: A poster with greetings from contesters around the world


Logging programs help with contestfree segments

Not reading our rules before operating or the "heat of the activity" may cause participants to tune into the segments defined as contestfree in the rules. To prevent such unwanted incidents your logging software can help. When using CAT you will be warned automatically using newer versions of UCXLog, DXLog, HAM Office, TR4W or SD. Win-Test allows this also with only a few clicks before the start (see here how easy to do). Other loggers may follow and will be mentioned then, too.
In the meantime WAG says "Thank you very much!" to the follwing helping: DL7UCX, 9A5K, ARCOMM, EI5DI, N4AF and DL6RAI. If your logger does not support this function simply download this tiny pdf-file with the contestfree segments and place it as small window on your operating screen like on the clickable picture on the right.