Rules WAE Award

The oldest and most renowned of all DARC certificates is awarded for contacts with amateur stations in many European countries and on the European islands on different bands. Each confirmed country of WAE-Countrylist counts one point per band, with a maximum of five claimed bands per country.  . The following five classes are available:

  • WAE III,
  • WAE II,
  • WAE I ,
  • WAE-TOP und

The different classes require the number of WAE countries and bandpoints as tabulated below. Each WAE country counts for one point, but a maximum of 5 bandpoints may be used for one country.

The WAE is issued in the following modes: CW, SSB, Fonie, RTTY, FT8, Digital and Mixed Modes.

WAE III40100
WAE II50150
WAE I60200

Holders of the WAE I will receive a special WAE badge.


WAE-TOP Plaque

Unlike for the WAE I-II, deleted countries do not count for the WAE-Top plaque. The WAE-Top plaque requires 70 WAE countries and 300 bandpoints.



For the WAE Trophy all countries which are listed on the WAE Country List at the time of the application are valid. Deleted countries may not be counted. To apply for the WAE Trophy confirmation of contacts with every country on the WAE Country List is required on any five bands, and 365 bandpoints are required. All amateur radio bands are allowed. Stickers will be issued for the confirmation of contacts with each country on six or more bands.


WAE Classic

This WAE award will be issued with the original rules. The WAE Classic is a single mode award issued in 2x CW or 2x Phone in the WAE Classes I, II or III. Only contacts on 1,8 MHz, 3,5 MHz, 7 MHz, 14 MHz, 21 MHz and 28 MHz will be counted. Four bands can be counted for each country with an extra point issued for contacts with the same station on five bands.

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