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The DX Department

The DX Department was founded on January 1st, 2017. The years before DX,  Awards and radiosport/contesting has been managed by a single department named "DX & HF Funksport" meaning DX and RF Radiosport". Because of its sheer size, we decided to split the department into two sister groups and and include the VHF/UHF/SHF cousins into the respective departments.

Amateur Radio and DX

Basically, the term DX in (shortwave) amateur radio means 'Communication over great distances', generally seeking contacts with stations on other continents or at least with spots which are normally extremly difficult to contact.
Virtually every 'DXer' - a radio amateur whose hobby includes the said search for contacts over great distances, is somewhat proud when being asked 'How far can you go with those antennas? Her or His answer will very likely be 'Well, almost everywhere. Even New Zealand is actually in communication distance'.
A closer look behind the scenery of 'Dxing ' shows a lot of knowledge being developed and a lot of effort being spent in order to reach those remote spots on earth where only few people will go.
Often, radio amateurs are the only people in decades who visit such a remote spot, only to give other amateurs a chance to get in contact and have that country or that island 'worked'.

The DARC DX Department support the hobby of amateur radio DX by provide awards in order to document the personal DX efforts

  • inform in form of a weekly letter (by mail in English/German) about actual events and actions regarding the DX hobby
  •  provide our members and readers with 'Pile Up', professionally written travel and other reports covering so called DXpeditions, amateur radio activities all over the world
  •  provide our mebmer and readers a montlhy column providing collected informations about upcoming DX activities along with important as well as nice to know informationen for Dxers
  •  provide a annual ranking system ('Länderstandswertung') where participating Dxers can compete against each other.
  • provide a 'most wanted DX' which particulary covers the needs of Dxers in central Europe
  •  provide answers and help in a specialized to DX Forum

All those services places our DX department among the top international service providers in the DX hobby.


To top

The DARC DX Department responsible for a number of official DARC Awards decided to implement a number of changes for certain awards.

1. EU-DX Award.

Pins for certain classes for the award are being offered while supplies last. The effort regarding costs, shipping and handling became far too much.

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