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Latest information regarding HamCamp and the Corona epidemic

The 45th edition of the Ham Radio will take place on the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen from June 26 to 28, 2020 (based on the information status as of March 26, 2020).

"We are working intensively to plan the upcoming International Amateur Radio Exhibition under the assumption that the event can take place without any restrictions and without being subject to requirements imposed by the authorities," explains Project Manager Petra Rathgeber, referencing prevailing developments relating to the topic of the coronavirus and the current cancellations of many other exhibition events.

“Mid of April we hope we can say more.”


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As in previous years, we are once again organizing the HamCamp at the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen.

There are 120 beds available for youngsters up to 27 years and their attendants. These are located in Hall A6There is also a recreational area in the hall.

An amateur radio station with the callsign DH0YOTA will be set up. The radio station is available partly during the day and in the evening for radio (please bring your license). Those who have not yet earned their ham radio license may operate under supervision. Just ask the operators.

In the evenings a small program is offered.

For all participants there is the possibility to take a breakfast at the "Messe Alm". Everyone is responsible for lunch and dinner. In the evening after the fair you can do a joint order at the pizza delivery service. Cold drinks are available at night.

A complete package is offered, consisting of:

  • 3 nights at HamCamp
  • 3-day ticket with barcode for the HAM RADIO
  • 3 breakfast vouchers
  • Parking between halls A6 and A7

Complete price in 2020: 57 Euro

For organizational reasons registration is necessary by 1st June. The payment is made on-site at the entrance (see procedure). All participants will also receive admission tickets and admission to the exhibition grounds.

For further information please contact: hamcamp(at)

  • After the registration you will receive a separate email with the registration confirmation.
  • If there are more registrations than capacity available, the date of the application decides.
  • For capacity reasons, we cannot accept registrations from persons over 27 years of age who are not carers or active in youth work.
  • If you are registered, you will receive your tickets on arrival at Gate 4 and Gate A after paying the fee in cash.
  • There is no discount on late arrival or earlier departure.
  • You can borrow camp beds or iso-mats free of charge at the information desk (please bring your ID). Beware that there is only a limited amount of beds available. No reservations!
    • Minors must submit a declaration of consent of their parents when registering

      Minors under the age of 16 can only participate together with their own guardian.

    How it works

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    Where is the HamCamp

    The HamCamp is located in Hall A6.


    Access is provided
    from 07:00h - 20:00h only at GATE 4
    from 20:00h - 24:00h only at GATE A
    There is no access from 0:00h - 06:00h !!

    Please, before entering the exhibition grounds, purchase the tickets at TOR 4 or TOR A.
    Only cash is accepted!

    Map (click to zoom)


    Arrival not before 4 pm on Thursday

    Arrival in the camp

    Please report to the information desk or the team at the (first time) arrival in the camp. The registration and allocation of the sleeping places will be done there.  We also distribute the wristbands, which must always be worn visibly.

    Children and people younger than 18 years

    Minors under the age of 18 who are without an accompanying person must check out at one of the HamCamp supervisors when they leave the camp site. Of course the HamCamp may only be left in the company of a suitable person (> 18 years of age) and there must be permission from the  parents explicitely allowing to leave the HamCamp.


    Camp beds or mats can be borrowed free of charge at the information desk (as long as stocks last).
    Please bring a passport, because this year you have to sign a usage agreement, in which the borrower is obliged to pay the costs if the rented beds / mattresses are not returned undamaged on the last day.

    If you have one, please bring your own bed, as we don't have enough for everyone.

    Evening program

    During the fair no activities are planned for the HamCamp, as the participants are at the fair or completely outside.
    Due to our experience with the last camps we offer a small evening program:

    • Radio operation at station DH0YOTA, training operation is possible
    • Free soldering and trying out your flea market purchases
    • soccer
    • various games
    • go-cart rally
    • self-organized workshops and talks


    Everyone is responsible for their own lunch and dinner. However, there is the possibility to order from a pizza delivery service. After the fairgrounds closed it is possible to join a collective order. Likewise, addresses and route plans are available at the infodesk, which points the way to various fast-food chains. Usually there are collective orders or driving groups

    Washing facilities

    Lavatories are provided by the fair. Showers and toilets can be accessed around the clock.

    As the showers may be crowded especially in the morning please allow appropriate time here.

    Further information

    Further information can be found at the infodesk.

    HamCamp regulations

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    HamCamp regulations



    These rules apply in the complete area of responsibility of the HamCamp.


    This is:

    1. In the exhibition hall A6 (sleeping areas, living areas, ...)
    2. In the sanitary rooms and on the way there
    3. On both sides in front of the hall (open spaces / trade fair interior)
    4. In other areas assigned to HamCamp

    • All participants and management staff of the HamCamp receive an identification card, which must be worn visibly ever-present.

    • Contact for all questions are the management staff and their assistants (maintainer). The instructions of the management staff, their assistants and the fair-security is essential to follow.

    • The rules of the fair ground also apply.

    • Youth protection laws apply.

    • For youths who are accommodated in a group with their own supervisor in the HamCamp, the respective supervisor is responsible (but this still applies to HamCamp regulations!).

    • No liability for personal objects and valuables. There are no lockers available.

    • Stay outside the opening hours of the fair only in the HamCamp, in Hall A6 and the other assigned areas.

    • Whoever leaves the exhibition grounds has to plan his return so that he does not disturb the resting people.

    • Night rest at 22:00 CEST.

    • Brought radios, music players are to operate in a reasonable, non-interfering volume.

    • The exhibition hall, the open spaces, the laundry rooms and toilets are to be kept in a clean condition.

    • All objects and premises provided must be treated carefully and returned or left undamaged.

    • Garbage is to be disposed of in the existing containers.

    • No smoking in the hall and  the patio, this also applies to so-called "e-cigarettes" or equivalent.

    • The use of alcohol and drugs is generally prohibited within HamCamp's jurisdiction.

    • The carrying of alcohol, narcotics, weapons (also toys), etc. is prohibited.

    • Grilling / cooking with combustion of flammable material (gas, coal, wood, alcohol, ...) is prohibited. Exceptions require the prior approval of HamCamp management

    • Driving the halls with the vehicle is generally prohibited due to insurance reasons (also for unloading).

    Gross violations such as theft, vandalism, alcohol, substance abuse or failure of proper / peaceful behavior will be punished by expulsion from the site (without reimbursement of costs or participation fee and assumption of any costs incurred).
    Minors are handed over into the custody of the authorities.

    By entering the HamCamp, you accept these rules. (The HamCamp regulations also apply to visitors)

    Who's coming?

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    Last update 04.03.2020

    If you come to HamCamp, you'll meet the following people among others:

    • Alessio, IU3LZN
    • Alexander, DO4LEX
    • Amelia, IU5LVM
    • Andrea, IZ5VCI
    • Bjørn, DL7RAY
    • Charlie, 2E0FMZ
    • Christoph, HB9ELV
    • Dario, YU2FBC
    • Fiodor, IZ7YBG
    • Florian, DL1FLO
    • Frederik, DH2FG
    • Geoffrey, F4FVI
    • Gerrit, DH8GHH
    • Jamie, M0SDV
    • Jay, DL6JJ
    • Joachim, DM1JZ
    • Joshua, DC7IA
    • Kay, DL7KAY
    • Lars, DC4LW
    • Lazar, YU3LAX
    • Lennart PA3L
    • Luca, IU5MOI
    • Luca, IU2FRL
    • Lucia, IU5JZQ
    • Lucy, M0LEJ
    • Marija, YU3AWA
    • Markus, DL8GM
    • Matteo, IU2GGL
    • Matteo, IV3HQC
    • Monty, OE3VUU
    • Nicole, IZ3XAK
    • Paul, DM2PF
    • Philipp, DK6SP
    • Riccardo, IV3CVN
    • Samuel, IV3HQR
    • Sebastian, IN3FOX
    • Sebastian DF5SK
    • Yannick, DK1YH

    Online registration

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    Online registration



    HamCamp Registration

    personal data

    For better communication we would like to print your nationality and the languages you can communicate in on the name tag.

    I already have a RFID name badge (the one from 2019)*
    Medical info

    I am healthy and free from contagious diseases.


    Please indicate if there are any allergies or drug intolerances or other indications (eg diabetics).

    Contact details of a person to be notified in case of emergency can be given here.

    If you are traveling as a group, please enter the name of your group. We will try to accommodate you with your people in a compartment.

    For better planning we would like to know if you need a bed from us or if you bring something yourself. Please note: This is for planning purposes only and no binding reservation.

    For minor participants, please add the completeddeclaration of consent of the parents:

    If you have any comments, information or wishes, please leave it here:

    • By logging in, you accept the HamCamp rules.
    • You pay your ticket on arrival at the guard in cash.
    • I assure that the above information is complete and correct.
    • I will report changes immediately.
    • I am aware that I have to pay for the repair of the equipment provided if it was damaged by me
    • .
    • I allow the storage of my data for the organization of the HAM-camp. They may not be made accessible to third parties.

    Because of some questions we would like to find out if there is a need for a pre-payment via SEPA-transfer or PayPal in the future. Billing via EC card is not possible for technical reasons.
    However, the price for the advance bank transfer will increase by 2 Euro due to the higher administrative effort (e.g. transaction fees for the PayPal business account). So if you bring cash for local purchases anyway, cash at the gate is still the easiest option for everyone.

    Who's coming?

    Do you want your name and callsign in the "Who's coming?" list so that other participants can look forward to seeing you again?

    Show in "Who's coming" list?*
    complete your registration

    After clicking on "Submit" please wait until the page has reloaded. This may take some time!

    Really... just wait... it might take up to 30 seconds.

    Occupancy 2020

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    Last update 26.03.2020

    Note: The occupancy plan does not reflect the actual assignment of the individual booths

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