General information about our anniversary year

Exactly on December 6th, 1961, radio amateurs from Salzgitter met to officially found the local amateur radio association of DARC e.V "Salzgitter-Lebenstedt".

Of course, there had already been radio activities in Salzgitter beforehand - and even a local DARC association: H21 in Salzgitter Bad. H33 followed 4 years later.

How does the numbering actually work?

After the establishment of the DARC e.V., the so-called "districts" were initially founded. mostly connected by federal state. It started with Baden-Württemberg: District "A". Then it went on with "B" and so on. The district "H" - Lower Saxony was founded in 8th place.

Now the local chapters come - this is numbered consecutively so that our local charter is the 33rd local charter in the Lower Saxony district.


H 33 - Local association Salzgitter-Lebenstedt


Here on this page you can find out more about our additional activities in 2021.

Since all appointments can be found in the calendar, we do not sort by date, but by topic.

If you have any questions about our promotions, please contact the email address given at the end of the page.


73 from the entire "Jubilee" organization team

Fieldweek zum 60-jähren Bestehen des OV Salzgitter-Lebenstedt (H33)

Vom 22.08. bis 28.08. findet auf dem Gelände des MTV Salzgitter die Fieldweek zur Feier des 60-jährigen Bestehens des Ortsverbands Salzgitter-Lebenstedt (H33) statt. Neben lebenserhaltenen Maßnahmen (funken, essen, schlafen) während der gesamten Zeit sind folgende Programmpunkte geplant:


22.08.10:00Offizielle Eröffnung
 14:00Antennenmessung, Gerätemessung
23.08.10:00Start des Jugendzeltlagers
24.08. Jugendzeltlager
25.08.17:00Ende des Jugendzeltlagers
 18:00QO-100 Vorstellung mit Reiner, DL2AZZ
26.08.09:00RaspberryPi: Von der Einrichtung zur Wetterstation (VHS Kurs) Teil 1
 18:00Jahreshauptversammlung DARC e.V. H33
27.08.09:00RaspberryPi: Von der Einrichtung zur Wetterstation (VHS Kurs) Teil 2
 18:00Die elektromagnetische Welle mit Günter, DJ6RU
 11:00Start Mobilfuchsjagd
 13:00Start Kofferraumflohmarkt (Aufbau ab 12:00)
 15:00Siegerehrung Mobilfuchsjagd


Exklusive Programmpunkte für H33-Mitglieder: Auf- und Abbau

Exklusiv für Mitglieder des OV gibt es noch zwei weitere, besonders interessante Programmpunkte:

Samstag, 21.08.10:00Einladen des Equipments im Clubheim
 14:00Ausladen und Aufbau in der Jahnstraße 33 in Salzgitter-Bad
 AnschließendNachtwache bis zum Beginn des eigentlichen Programms am Sonntag
Sonntag, 29.08.10:00Abbau

Lectures and training

From walkie-talkie to smartphone: 2021/05/25 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Attention: We have to pospone the date caused by Covid19! 

A workshop for children aged 9 and up: We explore radio waves - do some amazing experiments, listen to a satellite and send our waves out into the world.

You will also learn how to get the most out of your handheld radios and which rules you should follow when dealing with sparks.

Experienced radio operators will then show you parts of the Morse code and other "secret codes".

World of electronic and electromagnetic waves – 60 years of amateur radio in Salzgitter:

2021/10/29 17:30 to 21:30 Uhr


Posponed caused by Covid 19. 

A journey through time through radio reception and communication in Salzgitter, paired with information on the physics of electromagnetic waves and today's status quo.

Assembled in 3 parts:

History of the radio

Technology and connections

We look at today's electromagnetic spectrum in Salzgitter.

A workshop for everyone between the ages of 14 and 100 with an interest in technology, radio waves and electromagnetic compatibility.

Preparation Amteur Radio Licence: 2021-03-10 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


The course has already started - please aks for the dates of the next course.

We prepare you for the state exam for amateur radio class E at the Federal Network Agency. With 20 appointments (to be agreed among the participants) you will learn more about the areas of technology, industrial engineering and legal science. We cater to the respective personal needs and also offer additional appointments.

This preparation is suitable for everyone from the age of 14 and is offered in cooperation with the Salzgitter Adult Education Center.

At the preparation date mentioned here, general questions are answered and information about costs, examination procedure and later options are provided.

Anniversary Fieldday 2021: The highlight of the year!

Our highlight of 2021: The field day in Salzgitter Bad

A week of sparks, crafts and fun:

We will meet on 08/22/2021 and set up tents and mobile accommodations. From the age of 14, participants can use the entire week with Sparks on the MTV Salzgitter site.

Official opening is at 11:00 CET

There are always special promotions throughout the week:

Monday to Wednesday: children - funky tent camp

Wednesday - Friday: lectures and workshops

Saturday: Trunk flea market and mobile fox hunting (ARDF)

and much more!

We look forward to many participants!

For all questions just write us an EMail:


You can also contact:

Christian Zirlewagen
Amselring 10
38268 Lengede
Tel.: +49 5344 9986050

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