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Hello and welcome to our website!

The local association Salzgitter-Lebenstedt (short: H33) is an active local association with many different activities. With a total of almost 100 members, including up to 30 members in the youth and craft groups, we approach all topics relating to electronics, radio waves and programming with passion.

2021 is our anniversary year: we are celebrating 60 years of DARC e.V. Salzgitter-Lebenstedt.

We have set up a special anniversary page for this. This is constantly being expanded and the registrations for our campaigns are linked accordingly.


In 2021 we will also be offering courses to prepare for the amateur radio exam. For this purpose we usually meet on Thursdays (also online). You can register either here or soon on the website of the Salzgitter Adult Education Center.

Our technical meeting takes place every Tuesday on a weekly basis. This is where the adults do handicrafts (this meeting is currently also taking place online).

Due to Corona restrictions, the youth Saturdays unfortunately have to be canceled at the moment: But we promise: We will catch up on many promotions next year!

Radio is often used on Fridays. The radio group of the H33 spontaneously arranges to meet on the frequencies of the amateur radio. individual radio amateurs also use our remote station in the clubhouse.

Enough text: Have a look at our website and learn a lot about our actions and amateur radio. 



Webcam located at our repeater DM0SZ (castle Salzgitter Lichtenberg)

Technical information

How does the camera work at Lichtenberg Castle?


One thing is clear: We have no internet connection in the castle - and no telephone either. The cell phone network is unfortunately not good either, so that data transmission via cell phone would only be possible to a limited extent.

So we started a data transfer via amateur radio to our clubhouse in Goethestrasse: The image data is now transferred to the club via a frequency in the 5GHz amateur radio band and from there it is forwarded to a server. The 4 km are bridged by radio waves just next to the WLAN area.

Further information? Always welcome, just come by one of our appointments or contact Christian (contact at the end of this page)

Camera: Vivotek FD8379-HV

Firmware: FD8379-VVTK-0113b

73 from the entire team of DARC e.V. Salzgitter-Lebenstedt


Aktuelles Bild der Burgkamera Salzgitter-Lichtenberg


Current topics

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Vortrag über Spulen und Ringkerne von DK8AR am 08.10.2021 ab 18:00 Uhr


Nachdem wir uns wieder unter bestimmten Bedingungen treffen können, wird Henri den vom letzten Jahr verschobenen Vortrag über Spulen, Spulenkerne und Wickeltechniken halten.

Eine Anmeldung vorher ist notwendig, da die Anzahl der Teilnehmer begrenzt ist. Allerdings wird der Vortrag auch auf treff.darc.de übertragen, so dass alle DARC mitglieder teilnehmen können.

Hier ist der Link zur Teilnahme online: https://treff.darc.de/d/#/Teilnehmer/yKTa474s

Hier geht es direkt zur ANMELDUNG (Bitte nur für lokale Teilnahme anmelden, eine Anmeldung für onlineteilnahme ist nicht nötig)


73 vom Team H33



2 Aktionen in Zusammenarbeit mit der Volkshochschule Salzgitter


Einführung in den RaspberryPi und in die Programmierung:

Aufgrund einiger Anfragen: YES - unsere beliebte Einführung in den RaspberryPi findet auch in den Herbstferien wieder statt.

die Teilnehmer richten den Raspberry gemeinsam ein, es gibt Informationen zur Passwort- und Internetsicherheit und natürlich wieder 2 spannende Projekte.

Eine kleine Wetterstation mit Temperatur und Luftdruck

Laufschrift mit Uhrzeit und weiteren Informationen.

Selbstverständlich ist dies nur der Anfang: Entweder Ihr macht zu Hause weiter, oder Ihr werdet Teil unserer Jugendgruppe oder des Techniktreffs für Erwachsene mit weiteren spannenden Projekten rund um den Raspberry, Elektronik und Funktechnik.

Termin ist der 29.10.2021 und 30.10.2021 jeweils von 09:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr. Anmeldung bitte über die Volkshochschule mit DIESEM Link.


Welt der Technik und der Funkwellen

Wir feiern 60 Jahre Amateurfunk in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt: Am 29.10.2021 von 17:30 bis 21:30 erfahrt Ihr mehr über Funkwellen und die Geschichte des Funks:

"Eine Zeitreise durch den Radioempfang und die Kommunikation in Salzgitter, gepaart mit Informationen zur Physik der elektromagnetischen Welle und dem heutigen Status Quo.
Aufgebaut in drei Teile: Geschichte des Funks, Technik und Zusammenhänge und zu guter Letzt das heutige elektromagnetische Spektrum in Salzgitter."

Anmeldung HIER.


Wir hoffen Euch bei einem der Events zu sehen, Getränke und ein paar Snacks stehen selbstverständlich zur Verfügung!

73 vom gesamten Team H33



Our anniversary field week in Salzgitter Bad

What do you start with a résumé? With the weather? That was not kind to us, but the rain spared us at least for many of the main activities. The youth camp took place almost entirely in the dry and in the sunshine. Only the evening activities from Thursday suffered a lot from the cool, wet weather.


But now to the activities: Monday to Wednesday was all about youth: foxes and schnitzel were hunted, camp games were held and contact was made with Namibia. To the exciting questions from all areas from climate to accommodation, there were also exciting answers from Werner, V51JP. The winners of the activities then went home with trophies and prizes.


Wednesday evening the lecture by Reiner, DL2AAZ on the topic of satellite radio. From OSCAR-1 to OSCAR-7 and OSCAR-40 to OSCAR-100: An interesting outline through satellite time.


Our annual general meeting then followed on Thursday evening: with 24 participants reasonably well attended - although all those present needed a little exercise towards the end to get the cold bones going again.


Also on Thursday and Friday mornings there was a course for beginners in the RaspberryPi on the program. In cooperation with the holiday program and the VHS Salzgitter, 6 participants got their money's worth.


The lecture by Dr. Günter Hein, DJ6RU on Friday evening rounded off the seminar program. Here everything revolved around the electromagnetic wave. We were able to experience the experiment that Heinrich Hertz carried out over 100 years ago to detect these waves live and in color through Sigi, DJ5TR. Most radio amateurs might have thought that everything was already known about this electromagnetic wave - far from it! All participants were surprised by a lot of new information.


The mobile fox hunt and foxoring on Saturday was not well received. Nevertheless, a total of 6 participating vehicles and 2 fox hunters on foot were happy about the trophies and also about 4 Yaesu handheld radios.


Our trunk flea market and the closing event then fell into the water.


Our conclusion: light and shadow. Some events were really great and well attended, others unfortunately went under due to a lack of participation.


73 from the entire preparation team for the fieldweek of H33

Appointments and calendar

Booking calendar for our special event callsign

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Youth and kids activities

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The local association Salzgitter-Lebenstedt offers a lot for children who not only use the existing technology, but also want to understand how everything works.


How dangerous are "cell phone rays"? What is such an electromagnetic wave?

From electronics tinkering to programming to worldwide friends: This is what amateur radio offers.

You don't need an official amateur radio license to join us. However, if you want to use the technology, experienced radio amateurs will prepare you for the exam at the Federal Network Agency. This is not possible without learning, but you will encounter many of the topics from this course in physics or math classes in grades 7-10.

Topics from geography lessons become a matter of course ... If you've already had contact with Suriname, then you also know where it is. You will also practice the English language.

In our youth group there are already 6 state-approved radio amateurs (e.g. Elias at 12 years the youngest in the radio team)!

If you or your parents have any further questions: Just give us a call.

We can not only do radio but also telephone: +49 5344 998 6050.

You can best reach us in the evening from 6:00 p.m.

What's that "amateur radio" stuff?

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Let's meet us on ham-bands

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Overview of callsigns from our clubstation:


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DR60SZL: Sonderrufzeichen zum 60. Geburtstag unseres Ortsverbandes

DL0RL - die Clubstation aus Salzgitter: Logbuch bei QRZ.com

DR2016KIDS - unser Sonderrufzeichen: Logbuch auf QRZ.com

Frequencies on which we can be reached:

The following broadcasts are broadcast by our local association:

Information Germany - informations Lower Saxony - local reports from Salzgitter

The broadcast takes place every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m (CET).

(see frequencies below)


The broadcast is a news broadcast by radio amateurs for radio amateurs. Reception is permitted and also desired without authorization. If you have a suitable receiver, just listen to one of the broadcast frequencies on Thursdays.

Meetings in our clubhouse

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Where do we meet:

Goethestrasse 35

Salzgitter - Lebenstedt

Entrance to the kindergarten and parking in the front courtyard.

Walk left past the kindergarten through the green gate into the back yard. If you now walk about 30 meters along the kindergarten, a staircase leads to the basement.


When do we meet:


Technical information about hamradio topics

Due to the size of the start page and the large number of documentation about amateur radio, we have created an additional page with the lectures and technical information.

Here you come directly to the new page

73 from team H33


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For all questions just write us an EMail:


You can also contact:

Christian Zirlewagen
Amselring 10
38268 Lengede
Tel.: +49 5344 9986050

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