AWARDS of DARC DX Commitee

    AWARDS of DARC DX Commitee

      AWARDS of DARC DX Commitee

      The following awards of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) are issued by the DARC Committee for DX.
      They may be applied by all licensed amateurs and SWLs.
      All contacts must be made from the same country.
      All cards or other written confirm ations must be in possession of the applicant.
      Any submission of forged or altered cards lead to the disqualification from the awards program.
      To qualify for the awards applicants must submit a GCR list.
      This is a list of existing QSL cards which were verified by a club official, by two other licensed ham radio operators
      or an official awards manager.
      QSL card checkers have to compare all relevant data of the application like mode, band or date with the presented cards.
      The checkers verify and confirm with signature and call sign that the information on the GCR list has been proved with QSL cards.
      If the application is done by using the DCL (DARC Community Logbook) DCL-confirmed contacts and confirmed contacts imported from LoTW, eQSL an Clublog  are acc
      epted too.
      For these contacts a QSL must not be submitted.
      Mixed applications of DCL-confirmed contacts completed with GCR confirmed QSL cards may be submitted as well.
      The awards manager may request the submission for these QSL cards (T-QSL) for verification in principle.
      If the applicant does not use a GCR list for submission, all
      QSL cards have to be enclosed with the application for verification by the awards manager himself. Sufficient return postage for the cards has to be enclosed with the application.
      If you are in doubt about the postage rates please ask in advance.
      All applications should be sent directly to the particular award manager.

      The service charge for any one of the awards is per award paper

      per awardpaper-Version, shipping incl.  7€
      per awardpdf-Download  3€
      per badgeincl.-shipping  5€
      Honor Roll Europa    3€

      Stickers are free but a SASE is needed when applied for after the award.
      For WAE-Trophy-Stickers the service charges is EURO 5, an application for an EU-DX-Sticker is charged 1 EUR.
      At the present time US$  will be accepted at a rating of EURO  0.75 each (1 US$=0.75 EURO).
      IRC are no longer accepted. All shipping will be non - insured.

      All decisions of the DARC Committee for DX and HF - Contesting are final.
      You can order the rules of all official and by the DARC accepted awards by sending a SAL (self -adressed label) and sufficient return postage (3 new IRC per rule) to:

      Awards Information
      Friedrich zur Hellen, DL4BBH,
      Hackfeld 13
      27243 Winkelsett Germany
      Questions per mail to:

      The application forms for single a wards can be obtained from the respective award managers as well.
      It is recommended to use the official application forms issued by the DARC, but equivalent applications containing all the relevant data will be
      accepted also. Internet users can download all the forms from the homepage of the DARC Committee for DX .


      ruleeng0621 SW.pdf

      Trophy für Europa-RTTY und Europa-Fax ab 01.12.2018
      Die Trophy kann wieder beantragt werden. Die Gebühren betragen für Versand nach DL 25,00 EUR und für den Versand ins Ausland 30,00 EUR

      Anpassung der Regeln bei den DARC-DX- Diplomen 14.04.2018 Das WAE kann nun auch auf Wunsch ausschließlich in der Sendeart FT8 beantragt werden. Dafür wurde PSK gestrichen. QSOs in PSK zählen unter Digital.

      Auch das DLD wird in FT8 ausgestellt.
      Das SSTV-Aktivitätsdiplom und das EU-Fax-Diplom werden demnächst wieder ausgegeben. Jedoch finden diese beiden Diplome nicht Eingang ins DCL sondern werden mit GCR-Liste beantragt.
      Die Trophy zum EU-RTTY, EU-Fax und SSTV-AD wird voraussichtlich ab dem 3. Quartal wieder ausgegeben. 

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