UKW-Europa-Award (UKW-EU-D)

The UKW-EU-D is awarded by the DARC for special services on the VHF, UHF and microwave bands.
It confirms that the excellent radio amateur achieved by its activity excellent long-distance connections with a large number of European countries.



The UKW-EU-D rules:

1a. The UKW-EU-D Class III, II, I and Trophy can be purchased by any licensed radio amateur in the world.
1b. Club stations can also purchase the UKW-EU-D, but the diploma will not be issued in the name of an individual, but in the name of the club station.

 2. The FM-EU-D includes all amateur radio connections since 1 January 1972, which were reached with European countries on the internationally established amateur radio bands above 50 MHz.

For countries, the WAE country list is authoritative.

 3. The individual classes of VHF-EU-D stipulate that a certain number of European countries (CEECs) must be reached and that the greatest possible distance be bridged.

Counting distinguishes WAE and QRB points.

3a. Each Achieved Area in the WAE list counts only once as a WAE point.
3b. QRB points: The own locator field counts one point. Each major locator around it counts two points. Each additional locator large field ring counts one more point each. In order to assess the distance in diagonal and in east / west directions more equitable, zones are introduced in which the determined QRB points still so-called bonus points are added. To calculate the QRB points, each WAE country per band can only be scored once, the compound that gives the highest score.

3c. For the UKW-EU-D on the bands of 144 MHz upwards band multipliers for the
            QRB points (including bonus points) introduced:
                    x 1 at 144 MHz
                    x2 at 432 MHz
                    x 3 at 1296 MHz

            The UKW-EU-D requires for the class:
                III at least 10 WAE and 60 QRB points
                        = 70 total points
                II at least 15 WAE and 95 QRB points
                        = 110 total points
                I have at least 20 WAE and 130 QRB points
                        = 150 total points
                Trophy at least 30 WAE and 300 QRB points
                        = 330 total points

        3d. The UKW-EU-D on the 50 MHz band requires for the class.
                III at least 25 WAE and 250 QRB points
                        = 275 total points
                II at least 35 WAE and 350 QRB points
                        = 385 total points
                I have at least 45 WAE points and 450 QRB points
                        = 495 total points
                Trophy at least 55 WAE and 550 QRB points
                        = 605 total points

 4. Fair play and funporn sporty behavior on the tapes (including compliance with the
License conditions) are basic requirements for the issue of the UKW-EU-D

 5. There is no operating mode restriction for the UKW-EU-D. The rapport must be at least
Readability R3 included (except for MS and EME QSOs).

 6. All confirmations (QSL cards) must be submitted to the original applicant.
LOTW and e.QSL printouts are acknowledged as acknowledgments. Subsequent changes or additions may not be accepted.
Counterfeiting leads to disqualification.

 7. For the UKW-EU-D, connections are counted that the applicant has made under the same call sign from a locator field. In administrative changes of call signs, e.g. by changing the license class, both call signs are considered together as a call sign.

 8. For the UKW-EU-D all connections include fixed and portable land stations.
Connections via passive reflectors (moon, mountains, polar lights, meteorites) are allowed
while those on active reflectors (relays, balloon transducers, satellites) are not scored.

 9. The application list for an UKW EU-D must be included

            For the applicant:
Name, call sign, locator, DOK and the insurance by signature that the rules of the UKW-EU-D have been complied with.

       From the available QSL cards:
Prefix, Band, Date, Callsign, RST, Locator, WAE-Point, QRB-Points, Band-Multi, QRB-Sum

            For the degree:
WAE points, QRB points, total points, signatures

10. The application list must be sent to the clerk together with the QSL cards or as a GRC list without QSL cards. On the application list as a GRC list, two licensed radio amateurs must sign by signing that the data entered corresponds to the information given on these QSL cards.

11. The fee for the diploma (class III to I) or for the trophy can be obtained from the clerk.


Alfred Schlendermann
Weg am Kötterberg 3
D-44807 Bochum

e-mail:    dl9gs(at)
Telefon:   0234-596026

The determination of the QRB points (ring points + bonus points) can be carried out with the help of the QRB table.

ExampleQRB point determination (Exemple)
LocatorQRB point determination (for your own locator)
Applicationapplication form with further explanations
Diplomas already issued

UKW-Europa Award issued

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Ausgegebene UKW-Europa-Diplome

Ausgegebene Diplome seit 2004   
 UKW-Europa-Diplom   50-MHz-Europa-Diplom 
Klasse III   
DL1LTB48517.08.2004 DL6LSW122.06.2004
DL1DAX48623.08.2004 DB7NW218.11.2006
DG5FCX48731.05.2005 DG1NOE324.10.2008
DG9NAV48810.04.2006 DJ8BD404.11.2011
OK1ZAJ48920.05.2006 DL7UKR515.03.2013
DG1NOE49022.03.2007 DJ3ZF606.06.2017
DM4TI49123.10.2007 DL8RBS722.08.2017
Klasse II   
DG9NAV24120.04.2006 DB7NW125.11.2006
DL8AOZ24216.07.2007 DM2BPG206.08.2007
DM2BPG24306.08.2007 DJ8ES326.09.2008
DK1YF24426.11.2007 DK7CH429.06.2011
DD6UDD24524.10.2008 DL1TRX518.11.2011
DM2GON24618.02.2009 DL8XA629.02.2016
DK7DV24715.12.2009 DL1RAP727.11.2017
Klasse I   
9A4VM29427.10.2006 DF4IE117.01.2002
DL5AYI29522.03.2007 DG1NPM224.07.2002
DF2PN/P29617.03.2008 DL3BBY305.09.2003
DL1ECG29725.08.2008 DJ2DA425.03.2008
DM3FZN/P29802.06.2009 DH5MM505.10.2016
DK1YF29920.08.2010 DF6MS612.12.2017
DG6MAN30004.09.2010 DJ3ZF709.07.2022
DJ8ES18423.09.2004 DL8PM 128.02.1999
DG0DRF18530.09.2005 DL4OL 228.02.1999
DL1ARJ/P18628.02.2006 DJ3TF 306.03.1999
OK2PMX18715.04.2006 DJ1OJ 407.04.1999
DJ2GM18812.02.2007 DF4IE 517.01.2002
DL3ANK18903.06.2009 DL9GS 614.05.2004
DJ2IT19018.08.2009 DL1EJA 725.10.2004
DL2WY19126.08.2010 DJ2DA 825.03.2008
DL2UP19208.07.2011 DL7BU 902.02.2011
DH9NFM19330.09.2011 DM5CT1005.02.2018
DJ5AR19406.06.2013 DH5MM1117.08.2020
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