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[Translate to Englisch:] Foto des Diploms, das das Amateurfunkzentrum zeigt.

The German Amateur Radio Club e.V. DARC issues this official diploma, which can be applied for by radio amateurs and accordingly by SWLs for confirmed contacts with German radio amateurs after 1 January 1971 as follows:

The applicant must first prove a confirmed contact with one of the DARC special stations in the AFZ. These are and were:


Besides that, using two or more amateur radio bands, 30 stations from the Federal Republic of Germany with different prefixes to work (to hear) and prove their confirmation.

German prefixes are for example: DL0, DL1 usw. bis DL9, DJ0...DJ9, DK0...DK9, alle DAs, DBs, DCs, DDs, DFs, DGs, DHs, DMs, DNs, DOs, DPs, DQs und DRs.

The diploma application is submitted via the DCL. Here you can choose between the self-expression for 3.00 € or a post-delivered diploma for 10.00 € and paid via PayPal, after the exam.

AFZ diploma
Martin Köhler, DL1DCT
Wideystr. 1b,
59174 Kamen-Heeren

The diploma is 210 x 297 mm in size, it is printed in four colors on 150g / qm cardboard.

Award Manager

Martin Köhler
Wideystr. 1b
59174 Kamen

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