DARC Community Logbook (DCL)

    DARC Community Logbook (DCL)

      DARC Community Logbook

      The DARC Community-Logbook is a web-based logbook and helps you to apply for DARC awards.

      It was first published on HAM Radio 2002 under the name "DARC Contest-Logbook". The idea is to reduce bureaucracy to a minimum by consequent use of Internet techniques, but without giving up performance checking. By importing contest QSOs, that have been in the log of both QSO partners, contest QSOs can be verified without a QSL card beeing available.

      Nowadays the DCL supports other QSOs, as well: All uploaded QSOs can be confirmed by crosscheck, electronic QSL (from Club Log, LoTW or eQSL) or paper QSL (called T-QSL). Immediately after confirmation your QSOs can be used for several awards. The DCL supports you in calculating your points and applying for the awards.


      The DCL can be reached at: dcl.darc.de

      DCL Service

      Martina Köhnemann


      DCL Manager

      Friedrich zur Hellen
      Hackfeld 13
      27243 Winkelsett

      DCL Development Team

      DCL Development
      aktives DCL: DL3DXX, DH0HAN
      Projekt DCL 2024: DL4BBH, DG0TM, DL1MRV, DD5SV, DJ9BX, DJ7NT
      DCL Service: DO8MKR, Martina Köhnemann  dcl(at)darc.de 

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