Rules of the Deutschland-Diploma (DLD)

The DLD Award is an official award of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) which is available to all licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners (SWL).
The names of new award holders will be published in the DARC magazine „CQ DL“.

All members of DARC and its associated club VFDB and club stations of both organizations are issued with a District Location Code (DOK). To qualify for DLD, applicants must submit QSL cards from licensed radio amateurs showing a certain number of DOKs worked or - for SWLs- heard.

If an applicant has changed his or her call sign, e.g., because their license class has changed, but remains in the same country, then DOKs worked under the previous call sign will continue to count for credit towards DLD.

a) DLD Award Classes and Modes

  1. DLD is issued separately for each amateur band.
  2. DLD is issued in different classes on each band as follows:
    DLD 100, DLD 200, DLD 300, DLD 400, DLD 500 (with lapel badge),
    DLD 600, DLD 700, DLD 800, DLD 900
    and DLD 1000 (with engraved badge of honor).
  3. For SWLs, the awards are known as DLD-SWL 100, DLD-SWL 200 etc. up to DLD-SWL 1000.
  4. All DLD Awards may be issued for mixed modes, or may be endorsed for single mode operation providing that is supported by QSL cards.

b) Conditions of Issue

  1. All modes permitted by the applicant's license may be used.
  2. The DLD Award will be issued initially when the applicant submits evidence of confirmed contacts with 100 different DOKs on a single band. For each additional 100 DOKs on the same band, the applicant may apply for the next class of DLD. Applicants may skip awards if they wish, i. e., it is not necessary to apply for a separate ward for each 100 DOKs worked.
  3. A DOK will only count if the station worked or heard is located in the Federal Republic of Germany at the time of the contact. Stations have only one DOK each and must only give out the DOK under which they are registered with DARC QSL Bureau. Special Event DOKs will be published in „CQ DL“.
  4. There will be a charge for the issue of the DLD Awards. Detail of charges will be published from time to time in „CQ DL“ and payment should be included with the application, or sent to the DARC in the form of a bank giro transfer.

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c) Applications for DLD:

All valid DOKs are listed in the official DOK List. This list, which may also be used as an application form, is obtainable from DARC Publication. It is recommended that you use a separate list for each band.

A computer generated list will be accepted providing it uses the same format as the application from issued by DARC.

All applications must be verified by the applicant's local club or by an official Award Manager before forwarding to the DARC-HQ.

The DLD Award will be issued once the appropriate fee is received.

The award will be dispatched on receipt of the appropriate fee.

DLD 100 - 200 and 600 - 900 each 10,- € or $ 10,00
DLD 300 - 500 (includes lapel pin) each 13,- € or $ 13,00
DLD 1000 (includes engraved lapel pin)16,- € or $ 16,00

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