Europa-DX-Award (EU-DX-D)

The basic idea of this award is a proportional combination of European and DX contacts in one calendar year. 

It is issued for the following classes: 2x CW, 2x SSB and mixed modes
A minimum of 50 points is required for the EU-DX Award per year;

20 points must be obtained by contacts with European countries and 30 points by contacts with countries outside Europe.

Each country counts one point for 40 through 10 meters, and two points on 80 and 160 meters.

All bands may be used.

European countries are defined in the WAE country list, non-European countries in the valid DXCC list.

Bonus points can be obtained for any additional block of four European and six non-European countries within the same calendar year. 
Each year's score may be added to obtain the EU-DX 500 badge, stickers will be awarded for any block of 50 points, regardless of the annual scores.


 20 EU-points 2001 + 30 DX-points 2001 = 50 points for 2001,
 28 EU-points 2000 + 42 DX-points 2000 = 70 points for 2000,
 32 EU-points 1999 + 48 DX-points 1999 = 80 points for 1999,

total 200 points, i.e. four stickers.

EU-DX 1000 TROPHY (Plaque)

The trophy is awarded for a total of 1000 points, regardless of how many years are needed.

NEW: PDF-Award to print yourself, safes costs and time

basic award PDF........3,00 EU
basic award per mail...7,00 EU
EU-DX trophy..........25,00 EU (1000 points needed) (*)
Sticker for 50 points each: free if sent together with basic or trophy shipment
otherwise send SASE or transfer 1,00 EU
(*) (basic award, trophy and all sticker at once)

how to pay
Make your application(s). After approval the award manager will tell you how much to pay. Easiest to pay is by using Paypal from inside your DCL application. The Paypal button will be visible when your application was approved.. Alternatively you may transfer the fee to bank account.

Applicants from SEPA-Countries -SEPA mandatory from 1.Aug.2014
(European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) may use SEPA bank transfer
Owner: DARC e.V.
BAN: DE14 5205 2154 0250 0028 54
Kreissparkasse Schwalm-Eder 

Reference: 556, Diplomeinahmen, EU-DX, < your call>

For other forms of payment please contact the award manager.

Dietmar Kasper, DL3DXX
Birkenweg 3
D-01796 Pirna-Jessen


Dietmar Kasper
Birkenweg 3
D-01796 Pirna-Jessen


edxappe.pdf 173 K[Translate to Englisch:] Application form in PDF-Format / Antragsformular im PDF-Format
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