OV Abend vorgezogen

Eisenach- 18.03.2018. Am 23.03. 18 findet der OV Abend für Monat März statt.


Michael Wolff


QSL Karte

kurz Info OV X11

Clubstation DF0ESA
Diplom: J. S. Bach
OV ORG:145,500 Mhz
Relais DM0EA: 438,925 Mhz
Multi Mode Relais DB0EA (DMR/D-Star/C4FM): 439,4875 Mhz

DM1517L - Sonder-Rufzeichen

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500 years reformation of Martin Luther in Germany. 1517 - 2017


The call will be active during 1st March 2017 till 31th December 2017. 

Information about Martin Luther can be found here and here

Activities in our town Eisenach and the Wartburg are here

QSL Info:

QSL cards will be sent at the end of the activations, not before beginning 2018!

Dont send QSL cards to DM1517L ! No SASE and no direct cards. We didn`t need your QSL cards. We will send all QSLs via bureau!

There are many other places where Martin Luther left his traces such as Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Eisleben, Worms.

During this year you can work these special event stations:
To get detailed QRZ.com Information for this Calls use the links below.