German Island Award - Conditions

January 1st, 2007

The Oranienburg branch ( DOK Y 02 ) of the German Amateur Radio Club issues this award to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs. The award shall motivate portable activities on german islands, both in the sea and in bays near the coast.
Valid are all certified QSOs with stations on german islands from Januar 1st, 1994 on. To apply for this award a specific number of several islands and points must be obtained. It is refered to the topical island list of the GIA. Each call sign on an island scores one point once.
The number of islands and minimum point score required for the basic award is:

    DL -stations at least 6 islands, and minimum of 8 points (call signs)
    EU -stations at least 4 islands, and minimum of 6 points
    DX -stations at least 2 islands, and minimum of 4 points.
Islands / points required for higher classes:
    3rd class
    2nd class
    1st class
    12 / 16
    18 / 24
    24 / 32
    8 / 12
    12 / 18
    16 / 24
    4 / 8
    6 / 12
    8 / 16
Of the islands worked , at least one island has to be in the North- and one in the Baltic Sea for the basic award. For higher classes don´t exceed a ratio of one to three (three to one) of the number of the islands in either of both seas. The name of the island must be clearly identifiable on each QSL-card. All bands and operating modes may be used.
The application for the award must be accompanied by the certified GCR-list of QSL-cards and the fee (for DL-stations EUR 5, for all others EUR 6 or US $ 6) and must be sent to the award manager

    Dietmar Piepenhagen, DL2YY
    An der Nordbahn 23
    D-16556 Borgsdorf, Germany
The application for higher classes of the award also must be accompanied with the complete GCR-list. The fee for one sticker (incl. postage) is for DL-stations EUR 1,50, for all others EUR 2 or US$ 2.
The fee is payable cash (enclosed) or transferable cashless to the account of the DARC OV Y02, IBAN: 12 5001 0060 002 5336 05, BIC: PBNKDEFF(Postbank Frankfurt am Main). IRCs and cheques are not accepted.
The cost is reduced if two or more awards are applicated at the same time and are sent to the same address: in this case the fee of the second (third a.s.o.) award will be reduced by EUR 2 or US $ 2. The cost for the stickers without postage will be reduced by EUR 1 or US $ 1 for the second sticker and each further.
From January 1st 2002 the pay of the fee is possible in US $ or in EUR-notes or by transfer to account only. Change is sent back as available german stamps, EUR or US $.
The award is free of charge for all stations that made the required QSOs from one or more german islands. Each (licensed) member of an expedition on a german island can apply for counting this island for his own award.