10th IARU World Championship in High Speed Telegraphy, Switzerland

The 10th IARU World HST Championship was organized by USKA and SDXF in Beatenberg, Switzerland, between October 17th and 21st.

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Results of the DARC-Team

It was one of the most successful events in high speed telegraphy for the DARC-Team!

Among 13 certificates, which mean that competitors reached one of the first six ranks, the DARC-Team won 4 medals!

Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK, achieved a Gold medal in his favorite discipline: RufzXP (call sign receiving). After his gold medal in MorseRunner at the last world championships in 2011 and his achievements in Bulgaria (2009) and Poland (2010) it's his 4th gold medal in total. So he was able to prove his skills once again!

Heinrich Langkopf, DL2OBF, now competing in category H for the second year, was able to beat the rivals from Eastern Europe and won two bronze medals (Receiving and MorseRunner)!

But the highlight of this championship was our new-comer and first-time-participant Stefan Hader, DL9ABM. With outstanding good results at the German Championship this year in April he became member of our national team and proved at the World Championship that he is always able to deliver a decent score. He won a bronze medal in MorseRunner (PileUp simulation).

(Pictures by Elvira Aryutkina, UA4FJ)

HST 2012 - Beatenberg, Switzerland - Gallery

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HST 2012 - Beatenberg, Switzerland, Results

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Results of the 10th IARU HST World Championships in Switzerland

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