IARU Region 1 Fieldday – English version

    IARU Region 1 Fieldday – English version

      IARU Region 1 Fieldday

      IARU Region 1 Fieldday


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      Contest Manager

      Manfred Petersen, DK2OY

      The DARC is known to provide a well accepted adjucation process and ranking for international entries in the IARU Region 1 Fielddays. There are certainly several other result listings available based on specific national rules, but only the DARC listing supports the idea of an international fieldday competition, e.g. you can find some stations from Great Britain on our listing. Your log helps us to improve the quality of our log checking. You will be rewarded with a detailed UBN report providing feedback for quality management in your fieldday team as well as a high-quality online PDF certificate, which can be reproduced for every team member.

      However, the central challenge is the fieldday contest itself. Contacts have to be made with other fieldday stations, all operating portable, independent of any public energy network. Even if you participate in the "Fixed" category you will support the spirit of fieldday style operation. In the various portable fieldday classes you can find a wide variety of stations, reaching from single operator QRP with wires and battery support up to high power stations with beams and big generators. Even QRP entrants log some one hundred contacts, including DX stations. Fieldday contesting is a top level team radiosports event too: The best operators manning the stations, supported by their local radio clubs with excellent technicans and many other helping hands.

      Finally, the fieldday is one of the last serious outdoor adventures in ham radio. It is always a great feeling: Camping outside under the stars, enjoying a barbecue with friends... And the glow of TRX illumination and the notebook screen inside the operator tent are indication for high activities to increase the score. Radiosports and team spirit at its best!

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