We are a local chapter of DARC, the nationwide ham radio society in Germany. Our location is the North Western Black Forest. The Black Forest is a mountain range in the South West corner of Germany. Our members identify on air using DOK A5Ø. DOK identifies all local chapters of DARC as a letter followed by 2 digits. Letter 'A' denotes the Baden district. Award hunters collect DOKs for the popular DLD award (Germany award). A5Ø is relatively hard to work because of the moderate number of members (hardly two dozens). Contact us if you wish to set up a sked.

Most of our members are living within the Central/North Black Forest Nature Park. A natural highlight is the Kaltenbronn Reserve hosting Lake Wildsee bog and Lake Holoh (about 900m above sea level). It is an almost untouched wilderness, yet it is accessible to tourists. They stay on prescribed paths, partially made up of railway crossties preventing visitors from sinking into the bog. It is probably the one and only remaining highland bog in Germany.
Visits are recommended over the summer months since the temperatures in this area are substantially lower than in the valleys. Kaltenbronn Reserve is also the temporary QTH of one of the world's leading VHF contest stations, namely DR9A operated by a neighboring DARC chapter.

The formal home of the Murg Valley club is Mount Teufelsmühle(48°45.42'N 8°24.47'E, JN48es81) which is also hosting our UHF relay DBØTFM, APRS stations, and an Echolink relay. Likewise, it is the home location of our club station DLØMUR.


DBØTFM relay on Mt. Teufelsmühle
View from Mt. Teufelsmühle to NW
Gaggenau (most populated place in our local area)
Gaggenau Central Park
Murg Valley Forest
Murg Valley Forest

More landscape pictures from our area.

Pictures from our populated places (sri, figure captions are in German)


This page has been written by the A5Ø webmaster dl1gbz. You may reach him via email using his call sign followed by the at sign and the domain name of the German Amateur Radio Club, i.e., darc.de.

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