DARC Hell Contest Rules

    DARC Hell Contest Rules

      Hell Rules

      Effective of Januar 2023 are the General Contest Rules of DARC Committee DX and HF Contesting.

      Contest priod: first full weekend in October
      3,5 MHz: Saturday, 07.10.23, 1600-1800 UTC
      7 MHz: Sunday, 08.10.23, 0900-1100 UTC

      80m: 3,580 MHz – 3,600 MHz and
      40m: 7,040 MHz – 7,050 MHz

      Mode: HELL

      Stations to be worked: all, once per band

      1. Single-OP
      2. Receiving only Stations (SWL)

      Anruf: CQ HELL TEST

      Exchange: RST + serial number starting with 001. No need to restart the numbering on sunday.

      QSO-Points: each QSO 1 point

      Multiplier: Each WAE / DXCC and each Calldistrict in JA, W, VE per band 1 point.

      QTC-Points: pro QTC 1 Punkt
      Additional points can be achieved by QTCs. A QTC is the report of a contest QSO back to sanother tation.

      The following rules apply:

      1. A valid QTC contains time, call sign and serial number of the reported QSO. Example: "1307 DA1AA 431" means that DA1AA was worked at 1307 UTC and sent serial number 431.

      2. Each QSO may only be reported once as a QTC. The QTC may not be reported back to the original station.

      3. Every QTC that was correctly transferred, counts one point for the sender and one point for the receiver.

      4. Two stations may exchange up to 10 QTCs maximum. The two stations may establish contact several times to complete the quota.

      5. QTCs are transferred by means of QTC series. A QTC series is a block of one (minimum) to ten (maximum) QTCs. QTC series are numbered using the following scheme: The first figure is the progressive serial number starting with one; the second figure denotes the number of QTCs in the series. Example: "QTC 3/7" means this is the third QTC series transmitted by this station and it contains seven QTCs.

      6. For every QTC series that is transmitted or received, the QTC number, time and frequency band of the QTC transmission must be logged. If any of this data is missing from your log, no credit will be given for this QTC series.

      Hint: QSOs that have been made on Saturday, can be included in QTCs send on Sunday.

      Logs: only electonic logs in in STF, Cabrillo oder TXT-Format to:


      Final Score: Total QSO plus QTC on all band multiplied by the sum of all multipliers.

      Log Deadline: one week after the end of the contest.

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