DARC Hell Contest Software (englisch)

    DARC Hell Contest Software (englisch)

      Hell Software

      Contest Software

      The list below specifies contest programs which can be used to send / receive Hell. The list doesn't claim to be complete.
      For operators who have used a contest software that does not support Cabrillo, or for operators who have loged their QSOs on paper only, we recommend using the contest post-processor LM.


      Commercial Software:


      QTC Traffic:

      Unfortunately none of the above mentioned program support QTC traffic in Hell.



      Helmut, DM2BPG, published two manuals for QTC with MixW. Both documents are in German.

      Einstellungen zum DARC HELL.pdf (DM2BPG)

      Erzeugung von QTC mit MixW.pdf (DM2BPG)



      I wrote a small program to make QTC handling with fldigi more easily. fldigi writes each QSO into an ADIF Log. This ADIF Log can be opened via "File -> Open ADIF Log". If new QTCs are ready to send they will be shown in "QTC ready". If you need to send new QTCs, select "New QTC" to generate new QTCs. Now simply copy&paste them into fldigi. Finaly store the send QTC with "Save QTC".


      To receveive a QTC use the lower part of the program. Add the QTC number to "QTC" and enter the callsign of the station into "Call". Band and mode are taken from the last QSO. Enter up to 10 QTCs and save them with "Save QTC".


      All QTCs are stored in the same folder as the ADIF Log using the same file name but with the extension .QTC.


      HellQTCFromADI (DF1LON v0.2 2023-10-07)

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