Rules Easter Contest

    Rules Easter Contest

      Rules of the DARC Easter Contest

      Contest Manager

      Michael Moog
      Feldbergring 14
      63477 Maintal



      The Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) has the honor to invite all radio amateurs to participate in the annual Easter Sprint-Contest.

      Please have a look into the new General Rules for DARC DXHF-Contests before you start in the contest.


      1. Contest Periode

      Easter Monday, 01. April 2024, 15:00-17:29 UTC
      Log submission deadline: 7 days after contest.


      2. Bands / Modes

      CW3510-3560 khz7010-7040 khz
      SSB3610-3650 khz
      3700-3775 khz
      7060-7100 khz
      7130-7200 khz

      Each station may be worked one time on 3.5 MHz and one time on 7 MHz. In the MIXED class, each station can be worked once in each mode on each band.
      The station calling CQ must QSY after the QSO, leaving the frequency to the station which answered his/her call.
      A maximum of 20 band changes or mode changes are allowed during the contest periode.

      3. Categories


      • Single operator, mixed, low power
      • Single operator, mixed, high power
      • Single operator, CW, low power
      • Single operator, CW, high power 
      • Single operator, SSB, low power
      • Single operator, SSB, high power 
      • Checklog 

      Output power: low power = up to 100 watts, high power = more than 100 watts

      4. Exchange

      German stations send RS(T) and their DOK, when they are member of DARC. German stations, who are not member of DARC, send "NM" (no member) instead of the DOK. NM does not count as a multiplier.
      All stations outside of Germany, send only: RS(T) + serial number, no matter if they are member of DARC or not.

      5. Multiplier Points

      per DOK and per prefix on each band 1 multiplier point and *NEW* in MIXED class : per DOK and per prefix on each band and in each mode 1 multiplier point

      6. QSO Points

      Each completed QSO counts 1 point

      7. Contest awards

      Certificates will be awarded to every participant as PDF-file for self-printing.

      8. Disqualification

      Violation of the rules of the contest or unsportsmanlike conduct will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.
      The decisions of the contest-committee are final.

      8. Score

      The sum of the QSO points multiplied by the sum of the multiplier points.
      Incorrect QSOs will be deleted.

      9. Log Submission

      Please submit your log in CABRILLO file format via web upload. The web upload is available at:


      The receipt of the log will be automatically confirmed by an email with a message of possible errors in the log and the password for the access to your UBN-file. The logs will be part of the DCL (DARC Community Logbook). By submitting the log, the participant claims to fully accept the rules of the contest.

      10. Deadline

      All entries must be sent within seven (7) days after the contest (for 2024: 08.April 2024).

      11. Addresses

      for questions: easter-info(at)


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