HST 2009 - Obzor, Bulgaria

The IARU HST Worldchampionships 2009 took place in Obzor, Bulgaria between September 11th and 15th 2009.

Official website: http://www.hst2009.eu/

Successful DARC team

It's the first gold medal for the DARC team ever: Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK placed first in the RufzXP competition! With 194038 points and a maximum speed of 838cpm (168wpm) he could leave the strong competition from eastern Europe behind. Only a small margin of about 300 points was missing to reach the current world record.

Also André Schoch, DL4UNY was successful: In the junior category (<21) he won the bronze medal in transmitting!

Several fourth, fifth and sixth places in many different categories gained important points for the team classification, where the DARC team placed 6th of 14.

Check out the results and picture gallery.

HST 2009 - Pictures

Fabian, DJ1YFK, gold medal in RufzXP
Andre, DL4UNY, bronze medal in transmitting

HST 2009 Gallery

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HST 2009 - Picture gallery

HST 2009 Results

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Results - HST 2009 - Obzor, Bulgaria

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