Visitor infomation in English

    Visitor infomation in English

      Amateur Radio in Hannover


      Whether you're here for one of the big fairs or just on a holiday visit: The DARC Chapter H13 welcomes you to the city of Hannover! We are one of over 1000 local chapters organized in the DARC, the German Amateur Radio Club.
      This page shall give you an overview of amateur radio in Germany in general, as well as specifically in Hannover and its suburbs.

      General Information

      Germany is a member of the CEPT, so you won't need any special guest license, given you have a CEPT license. The prefix to be used is DO/ for novice class stations and DL/ for everyone else. You may also use a suffix such as /p or /m, depending on your operating situation, but this is not mandatory.
      You can find more information, including guest licensing for visitors from non-CEPT-countries, on the following page:

      Germany belongs to the IARU Region 1. A band plan for the short wave bands can be found here:
      As for VHF/UHF, please note that Germany currently has no allocations on 70 or 222 MHz. The 2m band reaches from 144 to 146 MHz, 70cm from 430 to 440 MHz. FM repeaters use a shift of -600 kHz on 2m and -7,6 MHz on 70cm. While CTCSS is becoming more and more common, the majority of repeaters still require a 1750 Hz tone burst for activation.

      Useful frequencies
      QRG [MHz] Callsign Activation Description
      29,650 DB0TVH CTCSS 88,5 Hz Same location as the UHF repeater, shift -100 kHz
      144,800 none (simplex) - Most common APRS frequency (1k2)
      145,275 none (simplex) - The H13 frequency, mostly active during events and every Sunday at 10:30 local time for the DL0HV-QTC (in German language)
      145,500 none (simplex) - Most common calling frequency for mobile stations
      439,200 DB0FUS CTCSS 85,4 Hz Repeater in Hannover-Roderbruch on the TV-tower
      439,2375 DB0TVH 1750 Hz Repeater close to Hannover main station, directly in the city
      439,2625 DB0FHH CTCSS 85,4 Hz Experimental repeater of the Hochschule Hannover, EchoLink and IRLP available!


      If you're rather looking for an "eyeball QSO", you can find us every Tuesday evening from around 19:00 in the Restaurant "Taverne Odysseus" in the "Freizeitheim Lister Turm", Walderseestraße 100, 30177 Hannover-List. Every first Thursday at 19:00 we also meet in the room of our club station DL0HV, located in the same building.
      Of course we may also set up an appointment if you want to use our club station as a guest, in case you can't bring your own rig.

      For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly:
      Matthias, DL9MWE, chapter president: dl9mwe(at)
      Daria, DJ6DP, webmaster: dj6dp(at)


      See you on the bands or in person, 73!

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