3cm-Bake DB0UL

View to south
On the top
A look inside
OCXO with powersupply
Slotted Antenna




9° 57,39' East          48° 25,42' Nord

             10 GHZ Beacon Ulm



Klick here to open a new window with a 360 view from the roof (250kB)

Download Antenna Artikel (UKW-Berichte) by DK3BA, DH6SBN (PDF mit 1.4MB)

Download Basic Antenna Program

Measured antenna diagram

In the beginning of may 2001 beacon operating began with some tests.


   Technical data:
        OCXO at 60°C:  128.0099MHz 
Multiplier to 1152MHz
2. Multiplier to 10368.802MHz
Pin-Diode Modulator
Amplifier     26dBm Output
Slotted waveguide Antenna with 10 slots
DL1SBM Bernd

Technical Beacon Team:

helped by:
DF2CD Wolfram
DL1SAN Wolfgang

Reports until now (sorted by distance):

OE3LI/3 JN77XX 448 km
DF2CK JO71AD 421 km
DM2AFN JO61WB 406 km
OK1JKT JO60OK 324 km
OE5VRL/5 JN78DK 320 km


JO30KI 309 km
DL3MBG JN67QX 259 km
DL3ALI JO50JP 253 km
DL6NCI JO50VI 252 km
DC9UP JN39TM 209 km
HB9CZF JN47HI 157 km
HB9DRD JN47HI 157 km
DC8EC JN57UX 140 km
DL6NCO JN59MI 130 km
DK9MN JN58TC 129 km
DF6IY JN48EU 126 km
DG7MHR JN57DR 83 km
DH1MWO JN58IV 76 km
DG1MFI JN58HW 75 km
DF6TK JN47TT 74 km
DL9GBH JN48RW 67 km


Please send reports with your working conditions to:

                      DL1GGT "at" Yahoo.com



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