Report 2013

Looking back: That was WAG 2013

Congratulations to the winners 2013: LY3B, LZ8E, R7MM, CQ3L, RW4WA, team RN3F (with RA3AV, RK3AW, RK3FM, RW3F, RX3F und RZ9SZ) and OK1-11861 and in Germany to DL3DTH, DL5AXX, DL2RMC (at DK0AN), DK8ZB, DL3KVR, team DP9A (with DJ6TF, DJ7TO, DK4WA, DL1RTL, DL5YYM, DL8UAT and DM6DX) and DE3RHN. In defending their 2012 titles succeded LZ8E, R7MM, RN3F and DL3DTH, DL2RMC, DP9A. They now can try to do the "hattrick" in 2014.
The complete result list.
The ufb condx were not healthy for existing records. Eight of the 18 grouped by DL, EU and DX didn´t resist. Overview of the new and old recordsWorked All Germany Contest: Rekorde / Records.

QTH of CQ3L securing Op DF7ZS a clear victory in Mixed HP.

But despite all this big scores WAG 2013 was not a pure biggun battle: 11 non-DL lowpower stations and one station in the QRP-category managed more than 750 QSOs, 32 German lowpower stations crossed the 1000 barrier.

Participants were robbed of 7,5 percent

The "legal robbery" during the logchecking process reduced scores in average by 7,5 percent (7,7% in 2012). It caused even in the TopTen ranks (with an average deduction of 3,2%) some rank changes and decided i.e. the silver rank in low power CW in favour of RT3T against UR7MZ whose claimed scores had been absolutely equal in QSO number and multipliers.
Completely unshorn remained about 180 participants with 12 of them having more than 200 QSOs. Leading this top group of "Golden Logs" was Mike, UR4IZ, with 324 errorfree logged QSOs and DL4MHA with 301 - congrats!

The new record in participation with 1927 logs (plus 22 percent compared to the recent record years of 2011 and 2012) from 83 DXCC resulted in nearly 577 000 log lines to check. The favourite categories were CW LP (371 logs) and mixed LP (257) while in Germany mixed LP led with 395 to CW LP (211 logs). 

A first for SDR recordings in WAG

Fot the first time we cold use wideband recordings to improve checking quality (many thanks to Heiko, DL1RTL, for the setup and taming the 560 GB). They allowed to control whether participants stuck to the contestfree segments. We are satisfied that only a very low number of cases happened. A handful of stations suffered deduction penalties. They also received warning messages that such runs of about 15 minutes will have more serious consequences in 2014 when happening again.

Other than some were afraid of these SDR-checks not only increased the number of "tickets", but saved a lot of QSOs which otherwise would have been obvious cases for deletion. So some non-DL-stations will get credit for QSOs with DL-stations which could now be heard really having sent serial numbers instead of DOKs, or DL-stations retained QSOs with foreign "unique" stations sending erratic numbers like 121 shortly after the start of the contest.

Evening on 40m CW in Europe during WAG 2013

How long did ops operate?

The average op-time of participating stations was 7,7 hours - ranging from 24h in multi-op-mode down to few moments for one single QSO. DL-stations worked for 9,1 hours - DX-ops for 4,2. The average op-time of EU-stations was calculated with 6,7h.

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