DARC Contest Committee

DARC Contest Committee


WAE Contest Results 2020

We reveived a couple of questions why the final results for the WAE-Contests 2020 are delayed this year. The answer is more than simple. The brand new software for logcheck and calculation of the final results is still under construction and in test conditions. Michael (DL6MHW) with great support of Dietmar (DL3DXX) is working hard to implement new check-routines and features, to improve the usability of the whole package. Right now, the WAE-Team is doing tests and Michael is busy debbugging the source code to get things working, so that all three WAE Contest 2020 can be processed with the new software. Our target is, to publish the results in January 2021.

73 de DL7YS, Peter John, WAE-Contest-Manager

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