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Welcome to the website of DA0HQ

QSL card DA0HQ 2017

Welcome to the homepage of DA0HQ, the German Headquarters station in the IARU HF World Championship.

The IARU HF World Championship takes place on the second weekend of July. The DARC contest commitee also participates with the station DA0HQ in this contest. We are QRV for the whole contest on SSB and CW on all six contest bands.

More information about the stations, the OPs and the results can be found on these pages.

Enjoy reading and we are looking forward to your call!

Vy 73 de DA0HQ

The DA0HQ Team says: Thank You!

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Team Mühlburg - 10m CW
Team Sieglitzberg - 10m SSB
Team Ilmenau - 15m CW, 40m / 80m / 160m SSB
Team Wetzstein - 15m SSB
Team München - 20m CW
Team Kerpen - 20m SSB / 80m CW
Team Ulm - 40m SSB
Team Horschiltt - 160m CW

The IARU HF World Championship was a successful contest. On behalf of the DARC Contest committee the DA0HQ team thanks all YLs and OMs for contacting us.

In our Log are abt 20196 qsos. This is a value of 21 857 322. We have 489 multipier.

Thank you and c u agn on July 13/14, 2019.

vy 73 de DA0HQ

The DA0HQ Team 2018 (OPs and helpers)

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DD5DD (Harald), DF3CB (Bernd),DG0AM (Hilmar), DG0OKW (Matthias), DG1ATN (Tobby), DG5AA (Rocco), DH1AKY (Jens), DH1NAX (Alex), DH1NFJ (Jochen), DH1UK (Uwe), DH2FD (Dani)DH5DX (Heidi), DH7WW (Uli), DJ0MY (Oscar), DJ1TH (Theresa), DJ2QV (Maik), DJ4MH (Marco), DJ6TF (Tom), DK1BT (Manfred), DK1MM (Stefan), DK2CX (Markus), DK2ZO (Wolfgang), DK3DM (Heiko), DK5KK (Kolja), DK5KMA (Kevin), DK9VZ (Wolfgang), DK9YL (Resi), DL1AOB (Hans), DL1ATZ (Mario), DL1AUZ (Rainer), DL1AWD (Dieter), DL1DUO (Micha), DL2ARD (Oliver), DL2AWG (Günter), DL2DSA (Alexander), DL2SAX (Harald), DL3ANK (Norbert), DL3JJ (Ralf), DL3KO (Robert), DL4MW (Ralf), DL5ANS (Roland), DL5ANT (Ben), DL5AOJ (Uwe), DL5GA (Valentin), DL5MLO (Mario), DL5MO (Thomas), DL3JJ (Ralf), DL5SE (Dan), DL6OZ (Wolfgang), DL6SAK (Annette), DL7BC (Hartwig), DL7CH (Christian), DL7RSM (Mick), DL7VOA (Robert), DL7ZZ (Andy), DL8ALU (Lu), DL8AUA (Micha), DL8BH (Bernhard), DL8LAS (Andree), DL8UD (Uwe), DL9AWI (Erik), DL9YL (Resi), DM2MF (Michael), DM7PQ (Dagmar), DM8HH (Henning), DO8EE (Luis), SWL Max (DN4MAX)

WRTC Special Gasts: AL1G (Corliss), RA0AM (Leo), RM9I (Oleg), RT8U (Serge), RU9I (Serge)

News (only in German language)

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Ab sofort können die Sprint-QSL für 2017 und das DA0HQ-Diplom inclusive der Sticker mit Stand 2017 heruntergeladen werden.

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Log submissions - Please note

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Attention: Important note regarding the rules of the IARU Contest

There is a new Single Operator Unlimited category since 2015. Single Ops are not allowed to use DX clusters, skimmers or RBN any longer unless they join the Single Operator Unlimited category (point 4.2 of the original rules). This category is further divided into CW only, phone only and mixed mode.

In the Multi Operator category there is a 10 minute rule (point 4.3.1)! That means "sprinting" in the Multi OP category is not allowed, respectively only with a 10 minute break before each band and mode change.

The following things have to be considered when submitting your log:

  • Single OPs who have not used a DX cluster or a skimmer can submit their log in the regular Single OP category. There is no 10 minute QSY rule for them.
  • If you use DX clusters or skimmers as a Single OP the contest organizer will automatically reclassify your log into the Single Operator Unlimited category.
  • Stations in the Multi OP category are only allowed to change the band or operating mode after 10 minutes. The “10 minute clock” starts when the first QSO is logged.
  • Multi operators which violated the 10 minute rule should submit their log as a "checklog" to prevent disqualification.
  • If you have already submitted in the "wrong" category the log should be re-submitted with the new category. The last submitted log will be taken into account.
  • Basically, all QSOs should appear in the log even if you join the contest in a single band or single mode category but also made QSOs in other modes or on other bands.
    QSOs in other modes or on other bands are used by the organizer for cross-checking the QSO with the other station (but they are irrelevant for your own scoring).
  • Please leave all double QSOs in your log because it could be possible that the other station miscopied your callsign during the first QSO and counts the second QSO as the first one.

Please find the original rules at: http://www.arrl.org/iaru-hf-championship/

Tip for WIN-Test users:

Win-Test does not know the "Single OP unlimited" category but when the log is submitted as "Single OP assisted" the ARRL is automatically evaluates it as "unlimited". (Thanks for the tip to DM5EE)


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Date IARU HF Worldchampionship  2019:
July 13, 2018 12:00 UTC - July 14, 2018 11:59 UTC

Countdown to July 13, 2019 12:00 UTC:


last update: July 19, 2018 by Uwe Heun (DL5AOJ) - e-mail: dl5aoj (at) darc.de

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