Erdbeben auf den Philippinen

Aufgrund eines Erdbebens der Stärke 6.8 auf den südlichen Philippinen wird gebeten in der Region die folgenden Frequenzen frei zu halten:

  • 7.110 MHz als Notfunk Aktivitätszentrum der IARU R3
  • 7.095 MHz für das lokale Notfunknetz der Philippinen

Dies berichtet Dani (YB2TJV) der IARU R3 Notfunkkordinator.

Update: Dienstag 17.12.2019 / 01:21 / Meldung von den Philippinen

Hi Dani,

Here’s an evening update from DV8BMI of the club RAGDARI:

Updates recent on yesterday 6.9EQ.. Areas with Major Effects on recent EQ: Municipalities of Kiblawan, Hagonoy, Padada, Magsaysay, Matanao and Bansalan, and City of Digos. Some houses, Offices/store establisment, schools in Kiblawan, Hagonoy, Matanao, Padada were severly damaged. Area with casualties: Mun. Of Padada - 3 personS are code black (dead) in Southern Trade/Store, 14 code green (alive- brought to Hospital). Matanao - 1 child code black, due to fallen wall. Magsaysay - 1 adult also code black due to cardiac arrest, he was in the rice field area while EQ was happening. Several concrete roads in Mun. Of Kiblawan have cracks.

Retrieval is still ongoing at Southern Trade/Store, lead by Davao City 911 Rescuer and BFP SRU. No office today on the above areas.


We also have another local amateur club at the epicenter, town of Padada, the SCAN 9 or DX9EVM. They have a separate comms set up from the Incident Command Post of the gov’t. They are using but no need to declare it as emcomm freq as they are still busy on 2m.

73 Thelma DU1IVT

Update: Sonntag 15.12.2019 / 21:03 / Meldung von den Philippinen

Hi Dani,

We were on 7.095MHz few munutes after the news broke out. There were not much news yet coming out that time but we have a club affiliate there where the epicenter was (Padada town). They have members in air on VHF and coordinating with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. The club president, Yani DV9BMA is just 12km away from it and they are using 2m as of now. Some parts affected have no electricity and the hams there are on back up source of power, as per DV9BMA. Latest in that affected town was 3 confirmed dead and 4 injured persons. Many houses were damaged and affected families are yet to be confirmed. In Padada, there is no electricity now. It is a local municipality and is not a highly urbanized town.

So many aftershocks have been felt in the surrounding areas and still expected to continue as per our PhilVolcs. Classes in nearby towns are suspended for tomorrow. The strength at 6.9M (local agency) or 6.8 as per USGS was really strong and the fault line which moved was different from the previous series of earthquakes in other parts of Mindanao. This fault was predicted before that it could generate a strong movement up to 7.2M. And it has now happened sadly, when it is almost Christmas time. We will be back on air tomorrow but as per locals there, ongoing rescue operations are stopped when there are aftershocks, to ensure safety of the rescuers, too. I will give updates as soon as they come.

73 Thelma DU1IVT

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