Special Award WAE 70

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General rules

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Worked all Europe Award, a special anniversary edition of the WAE (Worked all Europe) award in its original vintage design can be achieved.

The award recognizes contacts from the 10th of August, 2018 00:00 UTC (2018-08-10 00:00z) to the 25th of November, 2018 2359 UTC (2018-11-25 23:59z) . The applicant MUST submit the QSLs solely via DCL ( DARC Community Logbook). In addition, the application process will be handled only via the said DCL. Also, the award certificate can be printed/downloaded via this system.

All Bands and modes defined in the Worked all Europe award rules apply to the WAE70 Award which is awarded in the following categories:

·      Bronze   for contacts with 35 entities listed on the WAE country list

·      Silver      for contacts with 50 entities listed on the WAE country list

·      Gold       for contacts with 65 entities listed on the WAE country list

·      Trophy    for 70 ore more contacts listed on the WAE country

At least one QSO with the anniversary Station DJ70WAE is required and can be used as one (1) wildcard for any missing WAE entity.

The award Manager is DK5ON. His decisions are final.


The DARC community log can be accessed via


Registration is mandatory. A DARC membership is not required. The DCL accepts various sources of QSOs and QSLs:

1.    T-QSL  Traditional paper QSLs manually entered into the DCL system. These qsls are subject to verification on behalf of the award manager. Once verified, the QSL is valif for all DARC awards. No further submission is required.

2.    ADIF file produced by most logging applications. Those qsos are subject to verification by the award manager.

3.    LotW . DCL accepts QSLs verified by ARRL’s LoTW. LoTW QSLs are transferred via DCL (Mein DCL->Logbuch->LoTW-Import) and are valid for all DARC awards.

4.    Clublog QSLs. DCL accepts contacts verified by Clublog. They are transferred via DCL (Mein DCL->Logbuch->Clublog-Import) and are valid for all DARC awards.

5.    eQSL.cc. eQSL.cc contacts are being transferred on behalf of eQSL.cc. In eQSL, goto ‚Awards->External award programs’ and follow the directions under ‚Go to DCL Interface’. eQSL.cc QSLs are valid for all DARC awards.

6.   DARC Contest Logs. Matching contacts made in DARC contests are automatically accepted when a log was submitted.

(DK5ON@darc.de, translation by DK5DC@darc.de)

Holder of WAE 70 Award

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